Coolant Outlet Tube Replacement


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Nov 4, 2016
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I am in-process on finding and ordering all the plastic parts in the cooling system. The photos below are what the LS Shop Manual calls the Coolant Outlet Tube. The shop manual gives a partial part number of 8A520. The shop manual gives partial part numbers because it was written by a bunch of lazy pieces of shit, who strive to make research like this as hard as possible.

The full part number on my car is XW438A520AF. It’s in the first photo below. It has a secondary top-side port that is very small. Perhaps 1/4” ID.

The nearest “equivalent” part number I could find online is the XW4Z8A520AF. It’s nearly an equivalent part, but it has a larger secondary top port. Perhaps it’s for a Gen 2 and is being sold for the Gen 1 models?

Does anyone know of an alternate part number to shop for?


I have nothing like that on my LS V8 Gen 2.

Since you are also questioning the 2 different parts (and part numbers) you probably have a Gen 1 V8 or Gen 1 V6.

Since you already insulted an LS engineer on this forum... Put on your "big boy pants" and call your local dealer... and give them the last 8 digits of your VIN number. They will then be able to tell you anything you want to know.

And by the way... the service manual wasn't made for the average person. They were written for the dealer techs that worked on the LS on a daily basis. So they would know what they were looking at, and be able to tell the parts department what they needed.

It works basically the same way for a GM dealership also. Ask me how I know this.;)

Ever wonder why you can't find a Chilton's or Haynes manual for the LS???

Hopefully you are a little more diplomatic with the people at the Ford parts department.
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I have a 2000 model Gen 1 with the V8.

If we have an LS engineer on this forum, I only insulted him or her if they wrote the coolant section of the 2000 LS Shop manual. I do admit to insulting LS engineers in other instances, such as when I tried to connect the new degas bottle tube. I made very degrading remarks under those knuckle-bleeding circumstances.

I will, as you say, put my big boy britches on and go to the dealer next. That seems to be the last resort. This particular part number doesn’t show up in any searches.

Yes, I will be more diplomatic at the dealership. I’m a real sweetheart in person.
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And you don't have to go to the dealer to find out the availability of parts.

Like I said... all they need is the last 8 digits of the VIN number. Save your gas and call the dealer parts department.
Or the Jaguar part for the 4.0 in the 1st gen S-Type.
I should have mentioned that the Jaguar part will have a coolant temperature sensor installed where the blank port on the LS part is. Just leave it there and unplugged and you will be okay.


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