considering buying an aviator: question!!!


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Feb 6, 2005
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oklahoma city
i am considering buying a 2005 aviator. a couple of questions first...

is the gas mileage as bad lincoln says? 12 city/17 hwy?

also, are there any concernes i should have buying an aviator?

whats are the pros and cons about the aviator?

thanks, any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!
I have an 05 Aviator

Overall, its a great SUV. Mine spent alot of time in the shop the first year I had it. The gas mileage, on a 2wd model is about 13-14 around town, 14-15 on the highway average. Its definately no Prius.

But its got good power and gets teh job done
I owned a 05 Aviator Ultimate

A great vehicle, if you can get use to the engine stumble, I had it in many times and the dealer could find nothing wrong, also in the winter you will notice that cold air blows out of the vents even when the temp is set to its highest hot setting, still the dealer was baffled, my advice is make sure you purchase one with a full bumper to bumper warranty that covers your Nav system and DVD audio system (If available) the AWD models have a tendency not to lock in 4WD even when selected, I got stuck, backing out of my driveway after a heavy snow fall. Had to get the neighbors help to pull me out, what a embrassment.
I have a Aviator now, the gas mileage isnt all that bad, i average 22miles per gallon at 75 miles per hour, and the power is amazing. it will outrun my LS v-6
A bunch of small problems, but over all a great vehicle. Fast and handles well without compromsing ride quality. Great interior design although could use a few options. I get 15.5 miles on average. Not bad considering my good friend gets the same in his Infiniti FX35 (3.5 v6), he's pissed about that.
When this vehicle is running it's great especially in the winter awd is sweet .Gas mileage is 15 - 16 l / 100kms so if you hate buying (premium) gas this is the wrong vehicle for you I've had to replace........

ball joints
frnt wheel hubs x 2
brake calipers x 2
engine pulley
rear window hinges x 3
rear wheel hubs x 2
new transmission at 220,000kms

that's all I can think of right now:D

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