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Apr 7, 2012
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I am installing subs on my 2001 Ford Ranger (Winter Truck) and have everything hooked up, power to everything.
Power to amp, power in the +- terminals, power through the wires, remote power, power from the RCA cables coming from the deck.

But yet, no sounds. I have done a million sub installs and have never had this happen.

Please Help!


Do you have a good ground? Does the amp power up? Is it in safe mode?

Just a few things to check
output of the headunit
gain/ amp settings
recheck wiring in box

a DMM will help out a lot (including setting your output)
The amp powers up, isn't in protect mode.
There is power everywhere it needs to be.

I know there is output from the deck because the RCA cables had a current from the multimeter
Some head units by default have the subwoofer off in the settings.
Just another thing to check
But if the subwoofer was off wouldnt there be no current coming through the RCA cables..?
I'd check the settings anyway, both in the head unit and on the amp itself. Have you tried plugging a known good stereo speaker into the RCA plugs, like perhaps a home stereo speaker that has an RCA plug? That would tell you if the issue was from the amp back or from the amp to the speakers.
what numbers are you getting from the speaker wires with your MM
Trace it back from the sub... Take a 9 volt battery, and hook the negative to the negative sub wire, and positive to the positive.. make sure it pops..

if so, then you can move to the amp. it would be helpful if you have a 3.5mm headphone to rca cable.. then you can hook an ipod up to your amp and make sure the amp is good..

just start from the sub and work your way backwards until you find out what's not working..
I am getting 4.65 with my MM meter through the speaker wires, but it is not variable. I now have a variable signal coming through the RCA Cables also. So my guess is that amp is fried?
More Information:

I am getting a reading of 6.8V when i have the probe on my ground wire,
and I get a reading of 11.97V when i touch the probe to another ground.

Does this mean I am not getting enough power to crank sound because of a bad ground..?
Yes, if I understand what you are doing. Try this. Put the black probe on a good ground on the car (bare metal or the battery post would be good). Put the red probe on the amp's ground. If you read much more than 0.2 volts, you have a big ground problem.

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