Can I used 285x75x16's?


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Oct 8, 2004
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southcentral piedmont
Can I used 285's in place of the 265's on my stock chrome 16" rims.
I want to fill fender wells more. Will this effect the PCM in a bad way (shift points).
I am looking at the Michelin LTX M/S series which the 285's are 1.5" taller.
285 will not raise the car. That is how wide your tire is. That 75 will be a truck tire. Maybe you should go to a tire dealer and look at some. . .
285 is the width, but if the aspect ratio remains the same the tire will be taller, your shift points shouldn't really be affected but your speedometer will be out a little bit(which could be fixed with a computer reprogammer) i would say go for it, figure out how much your speedometer is out by pacing someone u know, and just live with it...if the new tires are only 1.5"s taller the speedometer shouldn't be too far out anyways
Thanks guys,
I will be looking into this, the tire is actually 285x70x16. Sorry for the typo. Just would like to fill tire well more. I do not plan any off-roading.
blkZ28Conv said:
Excellent reference Jibit!!!
Thanks so much.
No prob, just make sure to post some pics when you get the new tires!

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