aviator transmission slipping


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May 15, 2007
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My transmission feels like it is slipping. It is an 03 and when I make quick stops it feels like it goes into nuetral and pauses still before it moves. I do not know if this is a quick fix or complete overhaul. Any help will be appreciated.
I am aware that the Aviator has been plagued with throttle gremlins but this sounds different. Sometimes, even when stopped, brake applied, and foot off the gas there will still be minimal ghost throttle input. Under icey conditions when stopped, the transmission will feel like it is slipping when actually, the AWD is engaging because of the uncontrolled throttle input, thus the vehicle is trying to grab traction.

Is your Aviator AWD?
I changed the fluid and the filter a month ago and it does the same thing. However, it did seem like it got a little better.

This is a 2wd and I am in Texas, no ice around.
Hmmmm... no good.

I'd try some auto RX and flush it again at their recommended interval and hope.
My transmission has been slipping on my 03 aviator .I have 231,000 kms on mine it`s been overreving and shuddering when changing gears .So I`m getting a new one for $2500 cause i want to keep the truck .I did a flush on it before but i guess that it now.

I am the second owner so who knows how the tranny was used or maintained. I had a 03 mazda protege 5 & I changed the fluid 5 times since new and it was still flawless with 215,000 kms.

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