Aviator Throttle Gremlins?

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Mar 8, 2008
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Greetings - new to the board and need some help.

Have 2004 Aviator that won't slow down when you release the throttle. The gremlin is most clearly seen if you shift into neutral on the highway and take your foot off the accelerator. The engine, instead of dropping to idle, holds the rpm at 2,000 or so until the vehicle eventually slows.

Visited the dealer who confirmed what I've been seeing. After some puzzled looks, a call was made to the engineers. Answer - it's supposed to do that and there's nothing we can do.

Back to me. It annoys me enough to have decided to sell the truck although I love everything else about it. But it's just terrible to drive knowing that it won't slow down. It forces me to either brake all the way down hills, or put it in a lower gear, or TURN OFF the engine.

Anybody else notice this? Any clues to remedy? No - I don't believe this is a wicked conspiracy to waste gas and use up brakes and wear out the transmission :).

Any Navi owners out there notice this on their trucks? I would trade Aviator for Navi if it would just slow down...:)
Does anybody else have the sticking throttle that my Aviator has? How about Navigator drivers?
No, I've not experienced this. I do howver have a shacky rough throttle feel, especially at highway speeds. Maybe its the Idle Control Valve or something. If you feel like replacing random throttle parts you may be able to fix this.

Now that I think about it, the tech may have been right about the reving on the highway. If you put the car into Neutral on the highway don't expect the RPM to drop to the same rate as if you were stading still. It revs it a bit higher when you are moving fast. I will try to confirm this on my Aviator. The vehiicle knows it's speed and anticipates being shifted back into Drive. Not to mention the alternator needs the engine reving to maintain all the electronics.
Well it is not a lincoln but my freestar van 4.2 does the same thing and it does , as you say , aggrevate the hell out of me but not quite to the getting rid of the van yet. and yes it is the way it is "normal" they tell me...and I work for ford!!

Good to hear somebody else has experienced the same phenoumenon (sp?). I still have yet to test drive a 2003/2004 Navigator to see if it's throttle also hangs up. If it doesn't might swap the Aviator and pay whatever it costs me.

The only other thought I had was to wire up a switch to disconnect the lead from wherever (transmission ?) the ECU is getting its information on vehicle speed. That way I can disconnect when off the gas. The ECU will think the vehicle is stopped, and return the engine to idle. Somehow this is too simple and sure to freak out the ECU and generate a ton of codes.

In the meantime will just continue putting in neutral when stopping, at least the brakes won't have to fight the engine to stop. Still wonder why FORD programmed it this way. Would think they would want to use less fuel rather than more.
It's hard to quantify how much unwanted throttle is being generated but on a very slight downward incline, the truck will not stop until the brakes are applied or it runs out of gas.

In neutral (the only way to see), the tach will follow the vehicle speed up or down until the vehicle hits about 20 mph, at which time the idle will return to idle (650 RPM).
Well, I'm just about out of ideas. Last week I went to my local Ford/LM dealer, put five $50.00 bills on the counter and offered it as a tip to any tech who could reconfigure my truck to release the throttle when I get off the gas. No takers so I am giving up.

Drove a 2004 Navigator over the weekend. Nice. Off the gas, the throttle closes in less than 2 seconds.

Like the air-ride also but getting 20 mpg is going to be a challenge.

Anybody out there want to trade a Nav for an Aviator?
Made the Switch

Old post but I wanted to update.

Did trade in my 2004 Aviator for a 2003 Navigator. Cost a few $$$ but what a difference. When I lift off the gas, the throttle closes and the engine slows to idle - IMMEDIATELY !!! Love the truck.

Funny, I am getting about 1MPG more with the Navigator despite an extra 1,100 pounds, 0.8 liters of engine capacity and a larger frontal area. See how much you lose when the engine is running against the brakes.

Heard some Ford news, seems to increase their mileage ratings they are programming their 2009 engine copntrols to completely shut off fuel during deceleration. Where were they in 2004?

I remember reading somewhere in the owners manual that putting the car in neutral won't make the engine rpm's go down it said something about when your going down hills. did you ever get your trottle body cleaned /serviced .You can do it yourself just get some intake cleaner & a baby bottle brush disconect the throttle cable remove the air intake & clean away.:D hope the nav works for u. I still love the size of the AVI so not gonna give up on mine yet.
Car is long gone. I don't think it was a cleanliness issue - drove another at the dealer and it did exactly the same thing. But thanks for your input.

There's a long hill on my way home from work. If I left the Avi in gear with no throttle, by the bottom we would be going 90 mph. The more speed it accumulated the more throttle opening it called for. So I wound up riding half the time with the brakes on.

It's funny now that FORD talks about their "agressive throttle shutdown" when off the gas...

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