Airbag light problem... Help!

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Jun 20, 2005
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I have searched this but found very different answers.
A week ago my airbag light gave the 3 flashes then 2 flashes code a few times then stayed on. It has done it everytime I have drove it since. My steering wheel controls work great. What should I do. Clockspring? Check my wiring under my seat? Also my lumbar and heat don't work in my drivers seat, but they do on the passenger side, could this be related?
I have that same problem, except my airbag light came on and didnt show and codes or flash at all. It doesnt come on everytime i drive, only every so often, and my heated seat dont work:( now is when i need it most lol
I had the same problem with my airbag. It would flash and then it would stay on while I drove. I finally took it to the dealer and they didn't know what the problem was they had my car for about 2 weeks. They didn't find the reason so they replaced my airbag and the light hasn't come on since. Luckly the insurance company paid for it. It was about $1100 Good luck
There is a writeup that I found on this site not long ago showing how to trim and re-solder the airbag connector under the seat try searching a little more for that.
For the lumbar and heating element, first check to see if they are even geting power. I believe you can get access to both by pulling the back cover off of the seat and you can test them with a VOM. But it might be smart to check the fuses first before you get into that.
You can check for power at the switch for the heated seat pretty easily by removing the ash tray insert the carefully prising the surrounding cover out of the dash. Its held in by two clips at the top, one on each side.
My heated seat light comes on, the seat just doesn't get warm at all. Also what exactly am I looking for if I take the back off my seat?
air bag light

My ls did it too. Your best bet is the clock spring. They tested it when my car was in a accident and they diagnosed it to that. It would go on randomly then constantly. Sometimes I could get it to stay off when i was parked when the wheel was turned to a certain position. The clockspring is not too hard to replace as long as you know what your doing. I disected one on a ls at the wrecking yard but the bags were bursted on it so I couldnt use it. There is a ad on here how to do it but I would not suggest doing it if you arent familiar with it. Its about 4 to 5 hundred at the shop. The clockspring is behind the wheel and attached to a box under the steering console. If you do attempt this be very gentle taking it all appart.
If your seal heater doesn't work too, then it's most likely the connector under the seat. Just move the seat forward and look for loose wiring. If that doesn't solve the problem then it should be the clockspring mechanism in the stearing wheel. If this one goes out your stearing wheel controls start acting up, for example, you gain speed when you press (-) on the cruise control or so.
The airbag, and heated seat/power seat stuff are in differant connector packages. They are not likely related. I have been battling airbag woes since I bought my car. A new clockspring solved my 3-2 problem. I had no problems with my horn/cruise/radio controls either. I had a 3-6 code also, that was related to driver's seat wiring.

3-2 code is clockspring. $150 and hour of labor. DIY not a hard job. Lots written on this problem, do a search. Follow safety precautions with airbag removal!!!
mine was doing the air bag thing but only the light would come on every great once in a while then i got the 3 2 and then havent seen it in like a month
check the yellow connector under the driver seat. you more than likely have a loose wire in that connector. it should be pretty obvious once you look under there. mine came on a week before i traded it and it was a broken wire in that yellow connector. (AIRBAG light that is. i didn`t have heated seats)


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