98 Mark base sway bars


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Sep 9, 2013
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Elyria Oh
Would like to know what is the best size of sway bar to use on my Mark.....I understand there are different sizes so what I'm looking for is front and rear sway bars to tighten the car a bit......No autocross or anything like that.....Just so you know, I WILL not install...... Just looking for a little improvement......Thanks. Bruce L. Hansen.....Senior Citizen.....Alive by the Grace of GOD
Beware I had to have modified brackets for the front of mine but many others have not. I also have a non fitting 1.375 front in the garage. I never tried to see if super coupe performance would take it back though.
Some of this depends on the front to rear weight balance of the car.

If 60 percent of the weight is at the front of the car, that means the rear only has 40 percent of the weight.

So if you put a 1.25" sway bar on the front, then you might want to put a 1" sway bar on the rear.

Reason is that while the front 1.25" sway will work, putting the same diameter sway bar on the rear may cause the car to slide sideways, because it will reduce body roll more than the front bar.

Cars are designed with some body roll built in... because that is what puts the weight of the vehicle on the road (through the tires).

Take away too much body roll, and the rear will want to slide.
One more.....If you're going to put 1 (one) sway bar on to start.....Would you put it on the front first or the rear first

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