'97 LSC Wiper functions.


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Oct 4, 2020
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Forest Grove, Oregon
Help! I live in Oregon

the good: Fast speed works strong.
the bad: No intermitant speed//No slow speed/ Doesn't park or hide when turned off.

If anyone has solved this condition I'd like to hear about it.
I don't see any Youtube tutorials.
I don't think the motor is available from the dealer but I have an Emay or scAmazon in a box.
How to tell the difference between Gen one or Gen two??
Input appreciated.
yeah, I think your right at looking to put in a new motor. I had the same issue on an 06 Dodge ram truck and the new motor I put in went bad just as the first one that was replaced by the previous owner. Both were China units. The problem was the cavity where the pot resistor is located would fill with water and short out the function except the fast contact connection. I found about 2 oz of water inside the "new" bad motor case. The output shaft on China units are not water proof sealed. The fix was to drill a small drain hole at the bottom of the cavity. Its been 2 years now and that motor run like new. Maybe this is your problem, maybe not, but worth checking for water intrusion.
Does anyone got a turn signal / wiper switch in good shape for my 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII built 8/ 1996?
Well an update, my wipers wouldn't stop once started. I bought a Cardone wiper motor off Rock Auto and installed it and by golly it works now! Also I found a button for my switch online. The damn washer buttons fall out of these very rare switches.
Yes it is, and I had an adventure as I found a good wiper switch with button but replacing is a little difficult as the clockspring has to come out of the switch and must be set it in the replacement. The factory service manual is no help. You gotta wrap the ribbon up nice to tightest position and place the cover on with the ribbon in the proper grooves. But all good now.

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