400 whp with turbo for $3945, including the price of buying the Lincoln Mark VIII !


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Sep 25, 2008
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Anyone interested? Tony was able to do it with ease, check the link below. Just fantastic! Video has been up for 3 weeks and has over a million views. So many expressing praise for these cars. Giddy Up!

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Cool Vid! A true testament to the 4.6 engine. Who would have thought boosting and fuel tune off the pcm could pick up THAT much more power on a stock block. Impresive.....
Thanks for posting 91LSC :)
Not hard to believe! I'm surprised that they didn't take into account that 15 lbs boosted air with out a intercooler of sorts would expand the aluminum block to crazy high temps once they get into the throttle for any prolonged time. I had a 97 Chevy Tahoe 2 door 6.5 turbo diesel that GM didn't equip with an intercooler. What a worthless set up!!! As soon as you get any kind of boosted air into the engine, the Exhaust gas temps would jump up so fast that the ECM would cut fuel to the injectors to cool the engine down. And there went any of that extra power! What a dog of an engine that was. Compressing air with an exhaust turbo is exactly the opposite of a "cold" air intake. I remember the guy had mentioned an intercooler once from what I remember but didnt put one in for the dyno run. I'm guessing the track run was with out also?
They only did some more tuning at 10 psi and tires before the run. As I understood it
Wish they would have just run it at 10 te see what it would do
From what I understood in the video, boost was set @ 10 psi but somehow it jumped up to 15 psi during the run. I'm sure with some patience & more tuning/refining, the MK VIII is just fine with boosted power.
At the end of video the guy found oil in front of the tree. So it was leaking oil before the run.

I think it was leaking oil from oil adaptor gasket. As many of us know these can leak small amounts and then large amounts shortly after the leak starts, even at idle speed.
As they got the '93 up to 181mph at Bonneville after removing the software speed limiter, and with just STOCK parts, l just don't get the need for more power on these cars. Oh well...... another engine blown.
They took apart of the motor. They said they knew of large amounts of oil leaking before the run. Why would they not investigate the leak first and fix the oil leak/s before taking the car to the track?
They also said he was running 17 lbs of boost with his first run. They knew better of that when dyno'd the motor.
Also stated that the car wasn't with them and it arrived 3 hrs late, so no warm up run. I find it disappointing, as people here have turbo and supercharged these motors making great HP that lasts and that is with motors that have 100k miles on them before doing so.

The guys have made a new video and have put a fully built M8 motor in it.


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