2004 LS8 120k forsale: to buy or not to buy

The harmonic damper pulley on my 06 wobbles, but the one on my 04 is steady. On the 06 this causes a squeak when the engine is cold and wears out belt tensioners every so often. I haven't replaced it, because they don't make it anymore. I could take a chance one a used on, but the bolt that mounts it is a one time use (it stretches once when installed, may break if tried a second time). The bolt is close to impossible to get too.

Some (many?) 04s got a defective parking brake module from the factory. There was a TSB out warning dealers to replace 04 parking brake modules during the warranty period if there were any warnings or customer complaints.
Yea, I told the dealer knowing that they Had $4500 in it as a trade I wouldn't even be comfortable with that. he said that if I wanted to think about it and throw another numbEr at them to see if they take it that would be fine it doesn't happen everyday that somebody appreciates TheL$ ( I figured the dollar sign as somewhat appropriate) honestly even with my guT First telling me do it and now with weather strip falling down as I was driving with the drivers window down I just don't think I would even do it for 4000. 06 seems much more like a better idea and I like the look of them better. thanks guys for the sense and input on helping a shifty bastard make a hard decision.. I know what I can and can't do and there's enough things on that car that just make me wonder it probably isn't going to work

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