2004 LS V8 Transmission rebuild pricing? Possible shift kit?


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Jan 19, 2015
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Middle of Texas
PLEASE forgive me if this has been a specific post topic, I still have trouble searching in the forums.

What can I expect to pay for a DECENT job on the transmission rebuild? Slipping pretty bad in all gears from 3000 rpm's and up. I get the most performance out of the low end of the gear.

Also, rookie question but if I take it to a Jaguar specialized shop or a performance shop, can they put a shift kit in there while it is apart to give me a little more performance without tripling the cost? I know once you open the door of motor or transmission modifications or upgrades, it can be like if you change "A" you must change "B", "C" and "D" to keep up with your first mod.

Maybe best to get the stock rebuild, but of course I bought the car for fun (extra vehicle), not to granny around. That's what the town car is for!
Get a remanufactured one from RockAuto for ~$1600. It comes complete, including the torque converter and adapter plate. Cheaper than any rebuilder I have come across and comes with a great warranty.
...if I take it to a Jaguar specialized shop or ...

Much of the LS is Jaguar or Jaguar-ish, but the transmission is all Ford and is used on several other Fords.
Awesome, didn't know that. I thought the engine and tranny both were Jag. Would you guys go Ford dealer then or what alternative would be trust worthy. I generally don't like the dealers but the LS is so touchy I want someone who knows it right!
well i can tell you this, while probably the best chance to get it done right, the dealer will probably by far be you most expensive place to go.

I would probably pay them their $100 diagnostic fee just to see what they say is the problem, but finding a great local independant trans shop with a good rep and then buying a fresh reman from the Rock as suggested above and have them throw it in would probably be your best bet.

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