2004 Lincoln LS V8


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Aug 15, 2015
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How many of you have had to troubleshoot or replace the REM, rear electronic module. My sister recently purchased one of these cars, against my advice, and is now having problems with stalling, rear windows not rolling up or down, tail or brake lights not working and the high mount brake light, car not starting, no fuel pump, etc. These Lincoln platforms were based on the same year Jaguar platforms and those were horrible, to put it nice. All of the 2003-07 CAN-bus vehicles I have dealt with have big issues with the REM.
Okay, I'll bite. None of the CAN bus vehicles I have dealt with have had any REM issues.
Have you checked the relays and power distribution in the trunk?
Have you pulled any module codes from this LS?
Does it have the correct battery with the vent tube connected?
Is there water in the tire/battery well in the trunk?

If you are convinced that this is a terrible car, then you will not be the one to fix it, as you are rooting against it.
I'm new to anything Lincoln, not Ford. And i am a Chrysler guy. THIS is my sisters car, not mine. All the first year implications of CAN-bus had some issues, that never went away. From what i under stand, mid year 2003-2004 was when the LS cars became CAN-bus vehicles. Yes, had the water in the floorboards and trunk, all from the sunroof, loosing all the power to the back half of the car, REM, only to have it start working before the problem can be exactly pinpointed. I have replaced the EGR, DCCV, radio, climate controls, fuel filter, fuel pump, cats, upstream, down stream 02's, alternator and group 66 750 mcca battery. All 8 coils. You call it what you want, the car has 87,000 miles on the clock and needed all of that to pass the smog test to be legal. My other issue and what i suspect is the problem is the high mount stop light. I can take it off, put voltage to it and it works flawlessly, as soon as i place it back in the car it works for 20 seconds and quits. Between the high mount and the tail lights, rear power windows, heated seats and trunk release sporadically working, smells like a REM to me, however the Lincoln workshop i have access to tells me nothing is wrong. I haven't got specific module codes, only a few DCT's from the fuel pump cutting off while the car is running from whatever is causing the problem with this car. I went over the TSB's for this car and only found one reference to check connection between 4-EG12 (GY/WH) and 5-EG12 (BU/OG).
... From what i under stand, mid year 2003-2004 was when the LS cars became CAN-bus vehicles. ...

The LS switched to CAN at the start of the 2003 model year, which was in 2002. From the start (2000) the LS was a networked car with a REM, only the protocol changed from one Ford came up with to CAN in 2002.
It is possible that your specific LS has a bad REM (maybe due to corrosion from the conditions in the trunk), but this is far from a common problem. (I've only heard of maybe two REM failures). Failures of the SSP relays and sockets is a little more likely.
I know us guys and gals over here at Chrysler had a lot of headaches when the Daimler crew pushed CAN-bus on us. I also know Ford and GM did't start off smooth as glass either with there implication of CAN-bus. We weren't the only ones having strange goings on with CAN-bus. Isn't this car based off the Jaguar type? I hope they didn't use any Lucas Electronics in there or i'm telling my sister to sell it now.

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