1979-1980 Warning Chime


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Nov 12, 2022
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Easton, MD
Anyone know anything about what/how the (belt) warning chime is triggered in the 1979 through early 80's Eldorados and Sevilles. Is there a separate timer trigger (component) that activates the chime? The chime device itself is a simple 2-wire voltage circuit that, when voltage is applied, retracts the gong and when voltage is not applied, releases it where the gong impacts the metal chime (the same way a home doorbell works). Since it is a simple voltage on/off circuit at the chime, there must be some other circuitry going on which retracts the gong for a split second and then releases it, waits for 1-second, then repeats. Anyhow, wondering if anyhow knows if there is a separate timer circuit or it is built into another control module?

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