06 transmission problem no reverse d4 or d5

Gerald Moore

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Apr 9, 2019
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I got a 06 ls v8 on the freeway gave it some gas passing a car felt a bang like its hard shifting and loss a gear. Got home tried to put it in reverse just a inch and that's it. No d4 or d5. Sst works 1, 2 misses randomly 3,4 and 5 works. I replaced the value body fluid. The old fluid was brownish. The hard shifting is fixed but no reverse d4 or d5. It will work if I put it in d4 or 5 from sst but i get a shift solenoid code b. I took out the fuse for value body and got e on the dash but it works in d4 and 5...still bad reverse. Help!
At first I thought you direct clutch was the problem but I need to understand what you are saying more completely. You have no reverse at all. Is that true. In Drive you have the first two gears, a sloppy 3rd and no upshift to 4th or 5th. It feels like it can not transfer power. Yes? In the select shift you can select any gear and the car moves forward. Is the car actually in 4 or 5 at a slow speed?
Sorry about that. It has very little reverse and D4 and D5 dont work I can use sst mode but that is it. If I take the fuse out for the transmission sensor, d4 and 5 works then. I'm pretty sure the reverse band is gone.
What makes sense to you here? Look at that direct clutch. My LS went boom on the highway last year with 240K miles on here. No 2 and 5 and found that the splined teeth on the sprag (on-way clutch) broke off. It was due for a rebuild.

Yep mine went after trying to pass on the highway. Loss reverse..so I guess transmission replacement time.
Which exact fuse are you talking about (fuse number)?
Okay. You confused me by calling it a valve body fuse. It goes to the solenoid assembly. I really didn't think the transmission would work much without that powered.
Oddly enough d4 and 5 worked. I guessing that computer knows there is damage and is not letting me use them gears.
I found one off a wrecked one at a parts place. Tested and warranted. I guess I will be keeping it.

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