06 LS Efan not turning on


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Nov 7, 2015
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My car over heated twice a few days ago and my coolant outlet pipe cracked. I installed a new outlet pipe and flushed out the old antifreeze. I filled it back up and started the car for a while. I'm not sure but i think my efan is working only when it wants to. The temperature gauge is up to temp and I would think after 15 minutes of running The EFan would turn on. I pulled the coolant cap off next to the windshield and left it off while it was running. Antifreeze started to bubble out of it the bottle so i know the coolant is hot.
How do i figure out if my efan is good or not?
Update... The fan kicked on and is working but not keeping the car cool. The temp gauge is still creeping up past where it should be. I also put in a new thermostat and housing along with the coolant outlet pipe
a every piece of plastic that you did not replace is probably also in need of replacement, and hopefully the car was bled exactly as the instructions say...
I would.....

Bleed the system correctly, its a fun but relatively easy process that takes patience. Or else next time you're in traffic you'll be in limp mode or even worse stranded.
Make sure there is no debris like leaves or dirt stuck in the radiator fins.
Check fuses and relays for the fan.
Turn the a/c on to see if the fan kicks in.
Some code readers can tell you the engine temp.

Probably a good time to start replacing all the other plastic pieces that will eventually fail at the worse time as 1LoudLS stated.

If its too much just take it to a shop and prepare to go hungry for a few weeks once you get the bill :(:(

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