01 deville severe misfiring helpppp


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Feb 22, 2014
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Hey everyone so I bought this gorgeous Cadillac deville 2001 off my best friend, he was telling me it recently started running terrible and misfiring severely and occasionally stalling and flashing engine light. Long story short he was done and I bought it off of him :) I had many Cadillacs but this one worries me.
It's got 350 k head gasket a year ago done no overheating.

Pleas listen to the video and lemme know what you think! I'm not driving it like this. Coil packs? I replaced front to no extent, spark plugs? Intake boot? Manifold gaskets? Any ideas? I really don't want to throw a ton of money at this right away so it's more of a project. Where should I start :) thanks M

Update changed sparkplugs switched coils, new maf sensor new intake boot still no difference
The first thing to do is have the car scanned for codes your throwing money away on parts you don't need

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