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Dec 14, 2004
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Ok, So because a trucker blew out his tire, right in front of me, I now have a nasty crack in my front bumper. He took out all of the plastic housing underneath the drivers side, as well as the fog lights.

Does anyone here know where I can get a new front bumper cover? I might even take this chance to change over to the LSE cover. If I get a cover just primed, what should it cost to be painted?

Any help would be great!

I bought a rear bumper there for my LS about a year. They sell bumpers with factory blemished paint. The one I bought had a tiny nick in the paint, about 1 cm, that buffed right out. So I got a new painted bumper for under $300 shipped. The LSE bumper will be hard to find unless you buy from the dealer.
I looked at bumpers.com and found a bumper, but none in the SILVER BIRCH color of my car. Might there be a different name for the JP paint code?

Any other ideas on where I can get a LSE bumper?

Silver Birch is code JP so there isn't another paint code for it. As for the LSE bumper, until the manufacturer I use for the LSE Body Kit starts making the kits again you'll have to go to the dealer to get it.

I'm surprised that bumpers.com doesn't have your paint code. You should call them and talk to someone about it. It may not be listed on their website.
benet00 said:

Can your kits be sold already painted?
At this time they are sold unpainted. However, I am working with my painter to see about selling them painted. The only problem we see is shipping and making sure the paint is 100% correct.
I'd buy a Wings West kit if they'd come pre-painted. I don't have any good painters around here.
Yea Ken, whenever those kits come back into production let us know, we are getting ancy! Do you guys think the LSE looks better then the wings west?
I would buy Ken's LSE kit, and the west wing 3 piece spoiler...that combination will look awesome. Couple that with some Angel-eyes...damn...

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