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    2005 LS parasitic power draw

    I dont think 700ma is that much, but for this car it could be. I never measured mine tho, but I simply think he searches for something that is not there. Also i am wondering how he put the car to sleep and then setup the measurement.
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    CEL P0193 Fuel Pressure Sensor

    If the car is too rich, means that the pressure is most likely indeed too high, and even with trim down to -25% the car still throws too much fuel, this is the reason for the O2 errors. You can ignore those for now and concentrate on the high pressure issue. If you solve that, the others will...
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    2005 LS parasitic power draw

    700ma is pretty much normal consumption. You may have a problem with the battery not a parasitic draw. 700ma is basically ~8w idle consumption nothing to worry about.
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    05 LS overhearing

    The threads on the non OEM bottles are not good. I had to disassemble the cap that i was using prior to changing the bottle in order to get the weaker spring form there. Then i put that one on the cap that the bottle came with. The other caps simply dont want to seal on this bottle, but thats...
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    05 LS overhearing

    Actually it should bleed itself if you keep the bottle full and do a few cold hot cycles. Make sure you open the heater, while driving. Even if you dont bleed it fully filling the bottle and the radiator should be enough. The leftover air in the system should fully move to the bottle after one...
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    06 lincoln ls overheating

    So finally my coolant tank cracked. Good thing i noticed the coolant slowly started disappearing, i was planning to move to G12 coolant anyway , so i was basically somehow ready for this. Got a spare tank last year altho its not OEM, but i hope it will last a few years. In short i replaced the...
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    PSA- Forscan Lite Not At Google Play Anymore

    The APK is available on their website. You can download it there and install it - link below. I suppose you need the google play version. Support Request
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    LS track car, mod questions

    No the car will not go into limp mode as long as the front two O2 sensors are in place . They are responsible for the fueling the rear ones are only for emission warning, so you can run it without catalytic converter with CEL warning about "catalyst efficiency low" or whatever is the warning for...
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    Does not show D4 , just D5.

    Just replying to this thread with some additional info as i had this problem for a while and finally got the time to remove the shifter. The micro switch in the shifter is repairable. Its a very simple mechanism that can be disassembled. It works fine mechanically , but the voltage is not...
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    AC non functional

    Issue is solved, ended up being the lower valve. I didn't see the oil , because it was too little, but after using the UV lamp i noticed the leak. New schrader valve and some refrigerant and she is cold as ice :)
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    AC non functional

    Hijacking the thread here. In short i have a leak somewhere the systems seems to be low on refrigerant. I can hear whistling in the system , when i start the AC , but i want to try to fix the leak before filling the system again. I had one big leak as it was also oily, on the back of the...
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    Lincoln LS 2000 and 2004+ tail light compatibility

    Got into trouble with some angry police officers here where i live. In EU the side markers need to blink yellow not red. My car is 2000 and is blinking red in the back. I have no options i need to convert to pass the inspection to get the car officially back on road. I see the tail light on the...
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    Need a new head

    The damage to the cap itself and the cam, if only a few grooves is usually not a problem. The load on the camshafts is virtually nothing compared to the load on the crankshaft.There are no forces acting on the cams except the lobes hitting the valves, so the force acting on the journals is...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    After owning the car for a while i am positive i will keep it, so i decided to take care of the chassis to make sure it will serve me a long time . First two pictures are before the treatment after the wash. The last two are after the car was treated.
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    Intermittent overheating issue- totally confused

    And you think they will shoot themselves in the leg by providing a car that cannot cool on water in order for someone to quickly destroy it after the warranty expires? Then the whole world to understand their cars are trash and overheat like crazy 3 years after production ,around that time the...
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    Intermittent overheating issue- totally confused

    Its highly unlikely to happen if you use good coolant. The boiling point of the water at 0.7 bar pressure is 112C. Using good coolant it raise up to 125C . Except in some kind of racing application i doubt you can achieve temperatures of over 125C of the coolant anywhere except maybe the oil...
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    Intermittent overheating issue- totally confused

    For anyone interested i did find a cap that holds lower pressure than the original 1.1bar and fits the expansion tank of the LS. It seems the cap from ford F650 and F750 does fit and is rated lower. It is rated around 0.7bar . You have the option to buy locally in the US , because those cars...
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    Electric Fan & Cooling System Diagram for 1st gen

    Ahhh thats sad i was afraid the coolant gets blocked , when the heater is not engaged. Well i guess i have to connect the reducer in parallel instead of serial. Thanks a lot for the help. edit: Actually after reading this : - Jaguar Repair Information Resource I am not convinced...
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    Electric Fan & Cooling System Diagram for 1st gen

    Guys sorry for hijacking the thread, but i want to ask something. The DCCV . If its not engaged i.e the heater is not switched , does it circulate the water like i marked in the red on the picture below , or is it completely blocked and not flowing at all until the heater is engaged. The reason...
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    Making progress....sorta

    In the worst case you can go with aftermarket ECU like Ecumaster or something similarly cheap. Most stuff is analog in this car , so it will work fine. Probably the most challenging will be the climate control :)