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    FS: 1981 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (TX)

    Okay my girl has recently purchased a new truck and is trying to get rid of the Eldorado. Gas is getting to be too much for her on a student budget and she would like to see this car go. She is asking 500.00 for the entire thing. and would be considering transporting it to whoever as long as...
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    parting out an elderado...

    Do you have any pics of the car? I have an 81 and am looking for some interior parts as far as trim is concerned. hit me up if you can send me pics via email
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    Welcome to the LVC Central Plains Chapter

    Add one more representing TX from deep in the heart of San Antonio, we should plan some kind of meet or something maybe a weekend somewhere. School is getting ready to let out and I am always up for doing stuff during the break.
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    baer brakes

    muy muy expensive on those items, but from what I hear they are well worth it. Very worthy high performance item. Speaking of brakes, anyone know what size allen key fits the bolts on a brake caliper for the 81 Eldorado? I know I should look in the Chiltons, but I am on my way out of work and...
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    looking for parts

    first of all, ditch the caps. and yes the parts are out there, but you may have to hit up the dealer for stuff like that. or check out a salvage yard like I have had some pretty good luck with some of the iitems that were a little harder to find. But for special items like...
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    Fuel Gauge Problem

    I am going to agree with ^ on that one. Sounds like the sending unit has gone kaputsy and now you are left in check engine light hell. is the car running funny, if not your fuel pump is still doing its job, you just need the sending unit.
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    100,000 mile tuneup?

    wouldnt be a bad idea to check over the fuses and grease any body joints or hinges, those checkstraps can get kinda funky and while you are at it shoot a little alcohol followed by wd40 into the door locks to keep them moving and in working order.
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    1959 cadillac eldorado

    its the loooooooove boat baby!!!!
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    My Eldo's Draining Battery

    when in doubt check your grounds to make sure there are good connections. if needed clean em up with a stiff wire brush, disco the battery first of course. also you may want to invest in a Chiltons or Haynes manual, they usually have quite a wealth of knowledge in the repairs department
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    1990 eldorado with 246,000 miles

    It has begun!!!! I have an 81 Eldo Biarritz that had the diesel. Aside from the ac and the cruise control not working it is pretty reliable. I just have issues with the suspension on the thing. anyone know of an honest place to get suspension done in TX? I have already replaced the rear...
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    no eldorado's?

    use the ebay young jedi and you too will know the power that it holds.... Ha ha ha, you can find just about anything on ebay, now whether or not it is good remains to be seen.
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    no eldorado's?

    There are a few 81 eldo owners here. add me to the list
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    Good Evening

    I am new to this forum. Hello all, I am currently working on a project car. It is a 1981 Caddy Eldorado Biarritz. It has the Diesel, or rather it did. But I am working on restoring it to better than usual condition. It is going to be a long process, but I want to make sure it is done right...