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  1. LEOV5

    EMBLEMS (custom)

    Let me know also. Interests in either red or a mediun to dark green
  2. LEOV5

    Turbo kit thread

    Hi Alex, I know long time. My trans went out the first time at about 64K, then it went out again at 114K. The first rebuild was done by the Lincoln dealer in San Gabriel, the second was done by a small shop in South Gate. When I spoke with him about it, I referenced if he could do a rebuild...
  3. LEOV5

    Jaguar T-stat housing on V6?

    The Jaguar V6 and the LS V6 share more engine componets than do the v8's. The only real difference that I can see is the way the engine cover and intake that are different. Also some routing of the hose's.
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Did an oil change today and finally changed the serpentine belt. Not that easy, but done.
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    SST Shifter Question?

    I think that I have the first non-Lincoln installed SST in a V6, with the help of LLSOC members (LS4me being one of them). You will lose D4 function, in return you get a straight to 3rd gear function. I have not had any issues with it and the dealers, when it was still under warranty never...
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    need a roof rack

    I like that!
  7. LEOV5

    need a roof rack

    Looks good, it does not look out of place on the LS like some have said. I have been looking at the Yakima clips for the Volkswagan Q103 clips. Might be a way to leave one bolt in place all the time and just remove one bolt per clip to get the clips.
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    Ls 500

    Wait till the electrical gemlins move into his BMW.
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    need a roof rack

    I'll take those off your hands. Send me a pm and I will send you payment thru paypal or mail a check.
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    Wrecked the LSE

    Glad you guys are okay. She will be better, faster and stronger than .
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    Gen 1 V6 Engine Cover

    What about the local Pick a Part wrecking yards. There you could look at both Lincoln and Jaguar covers.
  12. LEOV5

    Gen 1 V6 Engine Cover

    Have you considered using a Jaguar V6 cover?
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    I somehow got my hands on a ls unicorn.... -_-

    That is the factory option that was available for the LS. I looked at one once but could not get past the idea of drilling holes in the roof door jam. But, yes do show pics with the bike on top.
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    New tires and brakes came in.

    I like those tires and the rotors are good. But you should have painted those calibers.
  15. LEOV5

    Mounting the PIE auxiliary input

    I stashed mine under the radio and above the climate control. No rattles or noise at all, after 8 years.
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    That looks great! I might want to add that I covered part of the new hose with fuel line that was split in half and tied on with zip ties. You will see areas that might rub on the lower control arm. It has been almost 8 years and I only replaced 1 piece of rubber hose that wore thru. Hope that...
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    Painted grill

    Nice job on the front grill.
  18. LEOV5

    Where to buy 04-06 LSE front bumper cover?

    Did you try ebay?
  19. LEOV5

    Refinished my lights - PICS!!!

    You will not find the oil based products in Krazifornia for sale at Home Depot or Lowes anymore. Against AQMD standards. Great job on those lights!
  20. LEOV5

    Life is busy!!!

    Congratulations on the award. But, remember these days because they are short lived and you will think back on them as great days with the kids. I know that I do.