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  1. Limey

    1984 4.1 air pump

    The thing i'm asking about is right under the alternator. What is it and what does it do? Can I disconnect it? Had a drive belt snap in just a week and this pump feels a little rough to turn
  2. Limey

    4.1 info wanted

    What is that pump like object located directly beneath the alternator on my RWD 4.1 deVille? Second question, what does it do?
  3. Limey

    Door Won't Unlock!!

    Had mine in storage indoors this summer for a few months. when I went to fetch it I had the same prob with passenger door lock. What cured mine was repeatedly using the lock/unlock button, and forcibly turning the key in the lock, and pulling lock knob upwards. Eventually it started to shift...
  4. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    and the EGR?
  5. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    Well to update you I never did the exhaust as the car was stored all summer. Now however, it's fallen apart. I'm going to have the whole thing fabricated from the headers back. No cats, whatever mufflers the shop has. Maybe two glasspacks on each pipe, one in stock location and one where the...
  6. Limey

    How to blank off EGR?

    Having priced up exhaust systems online ($500 shipping!) I've decided I ned to have one made up here. Went for a quote yesterday to have one built in stainless. They seemed to have no idea how to do it and quoted £1000. That's like $2000! So-o, there's another place I can go that build...
  7. Limey

    how many fleetwood owners we got?

    I have two too! Slightly diverse.
  8. Limey

    '84 4.1 idle too high

    How is the idle speed controlled on my 1984 4.1 sedan deville? The idle is high which is making the car push on when I brake. The other day when it was wet the front wheels locked up and I carried straight on across a road junction. Not good, I need to get this sorted!
  9. Limey

    I think I need to start attending meetings...

    Is the exhaust good enough to warrant removal and sale?
  10. Limey

    1947 Cadillac

    Thanks for that. Trouble is I have to get everything in from the states of course and old Caddy stuff aint cheap. A full rebuild kit is about 4 times the price of a chevy one!
  11. Limey

    1947 Cadillac

    Well, I bought it. Had it delivered. Engine was real sweet. Drove it about 5 miles & Bang. Removed head yesterday to find I could move number 8 piston up and down the bore by hand. Oh dear...
  12. Limey

    Another UK MKVII

    225 bhp & plenty of torque. Underpowered? Depends on your opinion I suppose, but performance only seems to suffer at high rpm and if you suddenly floor it. With the newer multiple injection set-ups the performance is identical.
  13. Limey

    Another UK MKVII

    It's quite common in some European countries although not that common in Britain yet. It's very popular in Sweden with American car owners. Your best bet is to try an internet search for LPG. However, In a (big) nutshell: LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas and is also known as Autogas. It is...
  14. Limey

    Another UK MKVII

    Very diplomatic ;)
  15. Limey

    Another UK MKVII

    £4+ per gallon... Anyway, my Mark VII runs on LPG at 34 pence per litre ;)
  16. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    Do the off road H or X pipes still have somewhere for the exhaust gas sensors etc to fit? I mean are they a straight swap or do I need to modify the wiring?
  17. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    Did you buy Super Turbos for a Mark VII or a Mustang GT?
  18. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    I've been looking on the rock auto website, and, well, don't stone me for this, but they do list a stock replacement Mark VII exhaust with a Dynomax Super Turbo muffler option. What would be so bad about this? At least it's be a straight fit. Any idea what the difference would be?
  19. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    phew, there's just too many Mustang exhaust options on there for me! H-pipe or X-pipe? cat back or full off road? (I don't need the cats)
  20. Limey

    leaking oil level sender

    The thing screwed into the side of my oil pan, that I assume to be a level sensor, is leaking oil out. Do you think it will require replacing or is there some kind of gasket/seal that can be tightened/renewed?