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  1. DuKeNoMaD

    V6 vs V8 suspension

    Have noticed my car rides lower than most after changing out my cut coils and factory shocks to a set I grabbed from a V6 at the wrecker...are the V6 springs a lower spring rate?
  2. DuKeNoMaD

    Bank 2 error/high rpm miss

    Ok so I have a cyl 7 missfire for a while now, only pops up after a bit if a drive (new plugs and coils so not that) and of course have a bank 1 rich/bank 2 lean that goes with it..but now an having a high rpm miss/starving issue (4500-5000 and up) looking thru forscan and my fuel syst I have...
  3. DuKeNoMaD

    Hyd cooling fan pump question

    Tried luck. Can anyone tell me what size wrench fits on the hard line (pressure side) from the pump to the motor. Not the side on the motor but the pump side. Mine decided to loosen off and now I'm losing fluid and overheating. Sort term solution I want to snug it up but going to do...
  4. DuKeNoMaD

    Abs pump transistors

    So I apologize in advance if this has been gone over before, but I can't seem to find an answer in search, my advance track has been acting up, and the codes say primary/secondary transistor failure (see picture). Now my question is...will any abs pump from that gen (1), work. I'm guessing I...
  5. DuKeNoMaD

    Well this is new

    So have not seen or heard of this failing before..what is this cooling piece called...had it blow today...first hot day of course
  6. DuKeNoMaD

    High rpm miss

    So took the LS out for a rip last night, felt a slight miss at idle, no cel. Felt fine after a drive, then started to get in to it and it would missfire like it was hitting the limiter in park and neutral...but while driving and at about 4500-5000 my question is coils? Pcm? Still have...
  7. DuKeNoMaD

    New interior, belt

    Hey everyone. Scored almost a full, black interior out of an 02 for 125$!. Swapping it around...and I let the rear belt retract on too far and don't know how to get them out so I can bolt em in. You guys got a trick?
  8. DuKeNoMaD

    Trac loc

    Any vin geniuses able to tell me what rear diff this mustang has in it by the sticker? Looking to pull a trac loc this afternoon
  9. DuKeNoMaD

    3rd brake light

    Does anybody know what bulb is used in the third brake light of our first generation LS has?
  10. DuKeNoMaD

    EGR and dpfe issue

    So had the EGR low flow code forever, changed the dpfe no low flow code but dpfe high voltage code I blame the sensor being faulty?
  11. DuKeNoMaD

    Question for the great and knowledgable OZ

    So to my best effort I cannot find these in any lookup, but what do they call the front subframe connectors on the LS?. And when we're they implemented? Because I pulled some of an 02 V6 and they bolt right up. But I need to put in my own riv-nuts for the subframe half. Tho now I come to think...
  12. DuKeNoMaD

    Anyone got a upper control arm trick?

    Any of you knowledgable ppl have a trick to getting at the back upper control arm bolt... without removing the degas bottle that is?. I really don't want to disturb mine
  13. DuKeNoMaD

    Vehicle inspection

    Well...the vpd must be bored, as I just got hit with a box 1 VI... Anyone have the suspension alignment spec. For a 00 LS?. . Well there goes my weekend.
  14. DuKeNoMaD

    Engine cover hold downs

    Does anyone know where I can find, or a part #/ aftermarket replacement for the two "trees" that hold down the engine cover on a first gen V8?. I have used maybe a half dozen different ones by now and they either look right and don't hold it down...or hold it down but look out of place/like crap
  15. DuKeNoMaD

    Rear sub amp question

    So I grabbed this amp out of the rear of an 02 V6, just for fun. And when I went to go plug it in to the harness I realized I had 2 male ends that were the same. Now on my 00 the amp connection is up by the seat, where as the 02 had it a bit further back, by the seat release. This plug will plug...
  16. DuKeNoMaD

    Led headlight question

    Ok so I have read most of the current led threads...but I am having an issue I have not seen. My drl for some reason only work on one side...I know they work by putting the high beam on a low voltage...and the high beams both work ..and I just put in resistors today to stop the headlight code...
  17. DuKeNoMaD

    reoccuring dtc codes

    now i may be barking up the wrong tree but these 2 cause me irritation...anyone have these codes and what was the solution? ode: U1262 - SCP Data Link Fault Module: Instrument Cluster Diagnostic Trouble Code details SCP Data Link Fault Operator Action Run self test. All CMDTCs Fix all...
  18. DuKeNoMaD

    Ignition coils - but faster

    So..after hours of cross referencing, checking, triple checking..I believe I have a solution for those looking for a performance based ignition coil, that will fit under the coil covers, and is offered by conventional performance suppliers. Now I may be wrong as it is still untested, but uf553...
  19. DuKeNoMaD

    The troubles with being gangster ;)

    Well...I now know why not many run 20's on these beasts, my 00 ls V8 came with some lovely 20" DaVinci's running 245/35r20 run flats..except the rear passenger side...I now know while out of town it popped... something wore down the inside treadwall, and sadly I have not had it up on...
  20. DuKeNoMaD

    Coil relocation?

    This may have been done...I admit I did not search...this is a flow of consciousness idea...has anyone tried doing a remote coil setup?. Like how they take the gm ones off the valve cover...and pop em on the firewall...ideas?