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    97 mark viii lights not working now car won't start, melted wires, soooo lost

    A long shot, I know this thread is very old but could use some insight if you are still around. Steve
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    Trouble with mark viii rear coil conversion

    Finally got the springs installed without a spring compressor. I just removed the LCA bolts and pried the LCA down low enough to get the springs in.
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    MobyDick, did you get the no crank issue resolved yet? I was having a crank-no start issue with my M*. After all my efforts it now neither cranks nor starts. The last thing I did was to attempt to unsuccessfully check for corrosion on the SCIL terminals now it don't crank???
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    CPU location and removal

    The CPU or PCM is behind -the plastic trim -the metal bracket that holds up the OBD port -It is situated in a plane that is in line with vehicle travel above your brake pedal. -You will see the PCM connection harness before you see the PCM. -The harness is held to the PCM by a screw that goes...
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    Trouble with mark viii rear coil conversion

    I agree with the modifying the spring compressors. I have a loaner from the parts store that doesn't clamp the coils well because of the "safety" keeper that is supposed to keep the coil from slipping off but in reality it just gets in the way of a good fit up. Since they have my $55 loaner...
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    Trouble with mark viii rear coil conversion

    My first mark viii - 1998. I bought ORedy brand front and rear air spring conversion to non air suspension. Trouble is, I believe the supplied rear coils are too long as I am struggling mightily even with spring compressors to get springs into their intended place. I managed to get them in but...