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    2006 Lincoln Navigator on 26's

    I have the navi L with 26s, this is sweet, looks just right!
  2. 2012 navigator L

    2012 navigator L

  3. 2012 navi L

    2012 navi L

    Engine Specifications: N/A Engine Misc.: N/A Turbocharger & Induction: N/A Fuel & Tuning: N/A Exhaust: N/A Drivetrain: N/A Weight reduction & transfer: N/A Suspension, wheels & tires: N/A Interior: N/A Exterior: N/A
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    2006 Lincoln Navigator on 26's

    I went with 26s, on my 2012.loved all the navs.
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    Epic fail

    I am a proud owner of a loaded badd- axx mkt, tv's and all , the most loaded vehicle for the money you can buy.and don't get torched by that little twin turbo stump puller.most production v8's won't touch it.thanks!