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  1. CashmereLS

    FOR SALE! 1992 Lamborghini Diablo VT

    BAD ASS dude. '90's hotness... minus the "fear this" sticker on the rear bump.
  2. CashmereLS

    Cleaned and snaped recent shots finally

  3. CashmereLS

    New pics of my baby, I like opinons bad or good!!!!

    Nice car, I like all but the wheels - just m.h.o. Is the car dark green and is that a stock color? Looks good fosho.
  4. CashmereLS

    New rims

    That's one fine looking LS. Black on chrome is the way to do it! Is the car lowered?
  5. CashmereLS

    Pics & 1 Video! SoCal Meet! Check it out!!!

    Damn good looking group of Ls's. The 2nd gen green LS is radical. The wheels (what kind?) and drop (what kind?) look amazing on that car. Also, does he have the vertical bumper inserts cut-out?
  6. CashmereLS

    Has anyone seen this LS?

    The internet has killed the work day, for doing actual work that is.
  7. CashmereLS

    hard jerk when put in drive

    same problem here, when warm though. R to P I get the hard "pop".
  8. CashmereLS

    Black Eyes!

    That's why were doing the s14 1st. I won't get bored with it, I get bored of everything except cars :woowoo2: The film just seems like too much a hassle... but you're correct, i'd rather not have to buy new lights if botched.
  9. CashmereLS

    Black Eyes!

    I'm going to keep it light... maybe a grey/smoke color. Jet black would a little over-board... unless on a black car.
  10. CashmereLS

    Black Eyes!

    Too bad the whole car looks like diarreah :D Otherwise, I like the lights. Thanks for the pic! I've got G4 paint, so i'll be risky going with the black/white combo. I'm going to tint lighting all around, 5% on the windows and polished lip/black face wheels. All of the chrome (front...
  11. CashmereLS

    finally a replacement for the LS

    The front looks like a new Mitsu Galant. The rest is nice.
  12. CashmereLS

    Black Eyes!

    I've got a buddy here in town that's going to do some work on my Nissan, spray tint the tails on my S14 as well as the front lighting. Using black + clear coat. I've seen tinted LS tails and I think they're gangster :hump: . But what about headlights, has anyone done this? Pics would help...
  13. CashmereLS

    Has anyone seen this LS?

    Yeah, in FS section. I personally think the 2-tone looks good, maybe w/o the pinstriping though. The wheels pictured in the FS section also look better.
  14. CashmereLS

    Reset check engine light

    Mine flashed out of nowhere. Went to the dealer to have an oil change, got my car back and it was off.
  15. CashmereLS

    Found it!!!! LS with Focus headlights. PICS!!!!

    Not even close, but bada$$
  16. CashmereLS

    Found it!!!! LS with Focus headlights. PICS!!!!

    1st and foremost, I was being a smartass... Wasn't aware I was on your back. My goodness, I was fakking around. Remove the stick! I've been wanting to see pics of the new wheels you aquired on your car. Not to prove any kind of point, but you made the teaser thread and I happen to like those...
  17. CashmereLS

    Found it!!!! LS with Focus headlights. PICS!!!!

    This coming from the guy who never posted complete pics of his new wheels on the car! Yeah, off-topic but I want to see them! :p
  18. CashmereLS

    Found it!!!! LS with Focus headlights. PICS!!!!

    I like the concept. The car, with just different headlights almost resembles a Mercedes AMG. Ofcourse the wheels and other accessories are terrible but if the headlights had some projectors or somthing else within the casing, i'd be a fan.
  19. CashmereLS

    FS: '95 240sx w/ Redtop etc...

    Thanks dood. I can't wait to start on my LS, problem is this needs to go 1st.
  20. CashmereLS

    BrokeLS FOR SALE

    Dude your car is buttsecks. The black roof is a nice touch. GLWS.