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  1. m_maker

    The short power steering pressure line

    You don't drop the subframe (although it makes it easier for sure). You drop the rack. Disconnect the rag joint. Remove two large mounting bolts, and disconnect the tie-rods. Small profile 18mm wrench will help a lot. Make sure the new elbow comes with fresh teflon seals.
  2. m_maker

    Back in the Mark VIII game

    Matt, it's been ages ! Bring it to Carlisle ;)
  3. m_maker

    need advice !!

    You can keep the 97 transmission in a 98 car without opening it up. You HAVE to use the external (the ones that goes on top of the trans) harness from the 97 car. No repining necessary. All internal electronics have the same specs between those two years. Same goes for going the other way, i.e...
  4. m_maker

    For Sale LMS 3-Piece Moulded Wing 93-96 Mark VIII

    It's been sold a while back on another forum. Thanks.
  5. m_maker

    For Sale LMS 3-Piece Moulded Wing 93-96 Mark VIII

    I found this 1st gen in my driveway so I stuck this wing on it. You can see the perfect fitment. Also, few pictures of the changes that would need to be made to the trunk piece to fit a 2nd gen.
  6. m_maker

    For Sale LMS 3-Piece Moulded Wing 93-96 Mark VIII

    Two pictures I was able to find ....
  7. m_maker

    For Sale LMS 3-Piece Moulded Wing 93-96 Mark VIII

    I don't see myself building another 1stgen car anytime soon, so this wing is up for sale. It's a custom molded fiberglass 3 piece wing for any 93 thru 96 Mark VIII made by LMS. It's been long discontinued, so it's tough to find any installed pictures. The part is in good shape...
  8. m_maker

    1995 Mark Viii trans length

    The case length including the extension housing is 30-5/8. The overall length including the output shaft is 31-5/8s.
  9. m_maker

    Trans dropped :(

    The TCC solenoid impedance varies between 93-95 and 96-98. While it will work, you're overloading (or underloading) the solenoid circuit in the PCM, and eventually it will burn up. How long it will take, difficult to say.
  10. m_maker

    Trans dropped :(

    There is absolutely no repining to be done using 93-97 transmission in any 93-97 car. It's an almost plug in type of deal. Please use the outside transmission harness and associated sensors (MLPS etc) specific to your car. The TCC solenoid is different between 93-95, and 96-98, so make sure...
  11. m_maker

    New project (Barn yard find)

    Get EVTMs for both cars. Otherwise you will be in the dark. Modify the GT harness to run this engine unless you feel really comfortable with tracing circuits. Either way you do it, you will need an RPM driven switch to control the IMRCs with the GT computer. You could always consider...
  12. m_maker

    Blower Motor Harness

    I have a brand new OEM harness ready to go. PM me if interested.
  13. m_maker

    Hub swap/front brake mod

    These are mustang hubs alright. Notice the lack of small step on the hub portion as it goes thru the rotor (specific to mark viii hubs). The round rust spots are from mark viii rotors redrilled to work with stock mark viii calipers.
  14. m_maker

    Delrin Bushings lower control arm and knuckle

    3 sets if this can happen by the end of this month. Thx.
  15. m_maker

    WTF got it?

    You don't want that car Jeff, trust me.
  16. m_maker

    Viair Compressor and Factory wiring

    One thing you want to keep in mind is how fast the system will vent. That was causing issues for Kale back in the day. The stock suspension computer was getting confused when he was running big lines. If you're sticking with stock sized lines, and solenoids at bags, then it might not be an issue.
  17. m_maker

    Clearing 17x9 wheels while lowered

    Seeing those pictures of the inner fender rubbing, it's clear that these 17x9 wheels are not 36MM offset. Dante Design made a run few years back that wasn't within specs. Looks like you have one of those sets. True 36mm offset 9" will not cause all these issues. Can you measure actual...
  18. m_maker

    For Sale 97 black/black LSC 78k

    WTH ? :confused: Also, PM sent for pics.
  19. m_maker

    Saw this on the side of the road for sale

    This was the highest mileage gen2 car I've ever seen. No, it didn't look like it had that many miles.
  20. m_maker

    Aftermarket rear hubs

    The rear mark viii hubs redrilled to m8 bolt pattern will require a hub centric ring to center a typical mustang wheel. They will also require a centering ring for the mustang rotor, if you decide to upgrade to larger rear brakes. Other than that it's a go. LOL.