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    Iac Question

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    Sold NEW Eibach springs, Unlocked Xcal 3, Cherry Bomb dual wall 4" tips

    send me a sound clip of what the cherry bombs sound like? I have 2.5 to 2.5 but id like to know the sound difference.
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    Another LS goodies FS thread

    gosh, that was a great looking ls. How much for the headlights and maybe the bumper cover?
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    For Sale Ls Parts for sale

    Still have the second gen vandalized headlights? shipping is 48108
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    Anyone in Michigan want some parts?

    Pmed you dude
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    For Sale 2004 Lincoln LS V8

    How much would you sell the tuner, rotors, and pad for? Also give me a price on those volvo rims
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    HELP Starting problem

    I have a 2000 but I cleaned the IAC recently and fuel injectors are some work and expensive so for now I wanna knock out possibilities. I could check the IAC but what would I do?
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    HELP Starting problem

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    HELP Starting problem

    I actually have the same issue! when you start it in the morning cold does it start right up? When you leave it for a couple hours it take forever to start unless you press the gas? My LS will not start unless i press the gas pedal to the floor and turn it over but then I get a slight gas smell...
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    Lincoln Ls Parts For Sale

    how much would you ask for the alternator?