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    Crank, no start issues continue

    Bad crank sensors/loose wiring on harness are common issues on these cars. When it happens again, unplug the sensor and plug it back in then attempt a restart.
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    Help! 98 Mark VIII is GUTLESS!

    Have you changed the plugs and boots? Common Gen 2 problem. My old 97 had a similar issue, the boots fixed it.
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    55K mile 93 in PA $3750

    Lincoln Mark VIII 1993 (like new) China blue with good miles. Saw this today and posting in case someone is interested.
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    Lincoln Mark VIII; Parts Availability Plenty of headlight assemblies showing. Jaime from the site used to make sets look brand new, there should be some threads about on it. You can also retrofit the clear 96 LSC HID housings and put in a modern HID ballast and bulb kit. You should be able to get the ABS...
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    Resurrecting this 97 and my passion for the Mark

    If I ever buy another Mark I am dropping a Coyote in it.
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    $3,000 difference is it worth it

    Sold listing on Ebay which is realistic: 1998 Lincoln Mark Series Mark VIII Collector's Edition 85K miles | eBay 46K mile base: 1998 Lincoln Mark Series Base | eBay
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    1994mark 8 front air struts at 20.00each, diy

    Yes they will fit, but if they are original 1994 shocks I would not bother. If they look like replacement units, I would go for it. They are not very difficult to get off if the car does not have rust.
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    19K mile 94 BoB

    1994 Lincoln Mark VIII, 2 dr coupe I don't post here much anymore, but this could be a great opportunity for someone. No pics but listed as a BoB 94 with 19,000 original miles. Phone is 410 474 2244 in case the ad goes down.
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    98 black LSC $750:
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    Matthew almost got my mark viii

    I hope Don is still good, reports are of water still rising in North Carolina.
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    Long time no see!

    Wow, a blast from the past. I rarely come here anymore, gave my 97 Mark VIII to another member here. Since you were last here I bought a new 5 BR 3 Bath house in the panhandle of West Virginia and am enjoying finally getting to spend time with my grandson: My cars are a little more bland, still...
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    FREE 1996 for parts:
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    Highest mile one I have seen for sale:
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    This one sold fast.
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!! 73,000 miles for $2000.
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    Anyone going to Carlisle this year?

    It has been sitting for 5 years, will be going to get fixed at the end of May but still will need work.
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    BOB 1998 LSC with 65,339 miles, $1995:
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    Anyone going to Carlisle this year?

    I will be there as a spectator, it is too close to pass up now that I live in Martinsburg, WV.
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    Oil Pan - in search of
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    33K mile 1996 base: