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  1. Gus_Mahn

    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    The Sensing and Deployment Module is looking for a resistance for each of the explosive components. Most cars are somewhere between 2 and 3 ohms at each airbag. The two wires to bag need to have a resistor wired into the circuit. There are airbag simulators on eBay, but a cheap resistor will...
  2. Gus_Mahn

    Rear Stabilizer bar bushings

    It's possible to get a wrench on the rear bushing's clamshell, but it quite a reach up there. I had to stop, since mine were rusted solid. It's tight up there for sure. I thought I was going to be able to do the job without dropping the subframe, but I was working on a lift.
  3. Gus_Mahn

    What's the true purpose of the AUX coolant pump

    I had a piece of foil from an antifreeze jug stuck in my aux coolant pump suction. The only downside was no cabin heat at idle and low cruise. There was a little heat at expressway speeds, but way less than with the pump working properly. It's for cabin heat!
  4. Gus_Mahn

    Update on Pektel.

    Sorry to read this. RIP
  5. Gus_Mahn

    Need Prayers for Pektel

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Pretty easy to find him on facebook. It appears he posted on the 25th, so I hope that's a sign he's on the road to recovery.
  6. Gus_Mahn


    I tried to sell my clean 220,000 mile Ultimate LS8 for $600 with a blown transmission. After no takers after a week, I parted it out. I sold the hood, front cover and HID's for $400, $200 for the seats and console, $30 for the sunvisors, $100 carpet, $200 for the chrome 17" wheels and tires...
  7. Gus_Mahn

    Rear sway bar bushings

    I tried to change them on my '03 years ago. There's a post with a welded stud on the lower clam. The nut is on the top. I was able to get a tool on it, but it was way up there. I live in the midwest, and the nut wouldn't budge due to rust. I stopped before I had to drop the rear cradle.
  8. Gus_Mahn

    Hard Shift

    My now scraped '03 LS8 had this exact issue twice (slamming 2-3 and shuddering 3-4 upshift) . Both times it was the PCM damaged by COP misfires. The first time a local trans shop said it's not the trans take it to Ford. Ford said the computer is OK we need to pull the pan, so I took it to a...
  9. Gus_Mahn

    LS is TOTALED!!!!

    Sorry to see that.
  10. Gus_Mahn

    Cold start

    This sounds like a vacuum leak to me. My '03 LS8 was doing the same thing before I parted it out. Fine in the summer with a cold surging idle once the temperature dropped into the lower 50's. Even when cold outside the idle was fine once the car warmed up. Fuel trims were fine in warm weather...
  11. Gus_Mahn

    In need of Right Rear Door shell
  12. Gus_Mahn

    Head broke off bolt in cooling elbow 9N499

    Can you start a nut on it? Thread the nut all the way down so the stud is sticking through the nut then peen the end of the stud. The nut will jam on the peen, and you will be able to turn it out.
  13. Gus_Mahn

    Head broke off bolt in cooling elbow 9N499

    mig weld a nut to it and turn it out. You might have to do it a couple of times, but it almost always works.
  14. Gus_Mahn

    Fixed My Moonroof Drains Today!!!!

    I did the same with mine but used safety wire wrapped 720 degrees around the hose. Stepless ear clamps are a great way to fasten hoses, but I'm sure most of us can't find them locally.
  15. Gus_Mahn

    My $400 LS Registry

    My '03 had a pretty bad creaking noise. It wound up being the lower ball joints. Since they were not greaseable, I poked a tiny hole in the boot and sprayed a little PB Blaster and then some white lithium grease. It was quiet until the ball joints were changed with Moog. After 3-4 years the Moog...
  16. Gus_Mahn

    For Sale '03 LS New and used parts

    All gone. Thanks
  17. Gus_Mahn

    Game Over

    I never did. It was shifting hard into gear from park, and shifts into 3rd and 4th were hard. I believe a hard downshift into 3rd from 5th is what broke the trans. The car won't move in drive, and reverse doesn't work at all. It will move forward without third gear if I use the manual gate side...
  18. Gus_Mahn

    Door ajar latch

    I'm on my phone and it's a pain to cut and paste. I'm parting out my '03 and I'd sell you them for $80 shipped each. But, I've had this problem on previous fords and could usually get them working again after a liberal spraying with screw loose.
  19. Gus_Mahn

    Door ajar latch

    I guess that's why used latches are $100 on eBay.
  20. Gus_Mahn

    Game Over

    I like sport sedans, and can never see my self or wife in a land yacht, but the Town Car is probably a better more reliable car. Ford's Panther Chassied cars seemed to run good for ever. Just an occasional puff of smoke at start-up and if they idle for a long time (valve seals). And, the darn...