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    The inertia switch is good. The Mark 8, still does not start, but cranks. Are there male/female connections or a split between the fuse box and the fuel pump, besides the inertia switch, that would cause the fuel pump, not to turn on?
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    I got spark, but no fuel. The fuel pump will not come on.
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    Does anybody have the following diagnostic procedure, to fix this problem? I am mechanically inclined, and have a multimeter to troubleshoot.
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    PLEASE help me find a master cylinder for my LSC!

    It sounds like the only thing wrong with it is, the brake pressure sensor, which is on the left side of the master cylinder, tilted in an angle. This is the same exact thing that happened to me. I was going to buy a master cylinder and I got the same information from the auto part store for a...
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    Amp light STAYS on

    It happened to me, too. I bought an 87 Lincoln Mark VII LSC, 3 years ago. The main problem was that the alternator light would be on, when the car is running. I was told from the previous owner that I would have to disconnect the battery everytime I did not need to start the car, or the...
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    brake problems

    I have just finished working on my master cylinder from front to back because it had a leak somewhere and the car was not stopping all that great. I had to take the plastic container to be able to look through the whole thing. I found out that the hose that goes to the bottom of the container...
  7. 1987 Lincoln Mark VII Master Cylinder leak

    1987 Lincoln Mark VII Master Cylinder leak

    I have just bought this Lincoln Mark VII and the previous owner said that it had a bad master cylinder, because it would go "clunk" when the brakes were pushed in. I replaced the master cylinder with a used one from the junk yard, because the auto part store was trying to sell me a master...