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  1. my05lincls8

    What custom/aftermarket parts are you looking for that you can't find?

    I want a set of projectors installed in my 2005 LS8 OEM headlight housing! I have been looking to get this done for years but the only option has been so expensive that it's not even worth it. Halo's would be nice too, but those are not too hard to find. Nobody does a projector retrofit for this...
  2. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    I have one and the only code it gave me was P0352 - IGNITION SIGNAL COIL B FAULT but once I started researching, I found what I assume to be a plethora of other possible issues from the COPS going bad that may need attention. I am the furthest thing from a mechanic, but I understand how all...
  3. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    Man, DAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! I have the luck of the smallest and chubbiest Irish man resembling a freaking leprechaun! I wouldn't be surprised if this too were the case. Thanks for the incite.
  4. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    I was figuring that! This issue is clearly not transmission related as I first thought. In all my Ignorance, I took it to a transmission repair and service center to get all the fluids purged and the lines inspected and cleaned and the tech told me the tranny is absolutely fine AFTER charging me...
  5. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    Yes I do!! I have an 05 V8 and apparently VCG isn't required to be replaced according to the TSB! I have only 80,000 miles on her and according to the TSB, it's a free replacement. Thanks for all the help everyone especially FASTLLS and Joegr! Great stuff. I'm taking it to a Lincoln dealer and...
  6. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    The plugs will be Motorcraft. My mechanic highly recommended those vs NKG or Bosch. You agree? Why did you replce the VCGs and how expensive of a repair was it to do so? My mechanic never mentioned the VCG's. Is this something that should be done just because you're already replacing the...
  7. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    Man, this is really inciteful! I pray to Jehovah that it's not the PCM! Anybody ever had to replace the PCM? I'm gonna start with the COPs and the plugs then go from there. I cannot take the studdering and hesitation any longer. What makes it even worst is I live in Iceland, Maryland (corny) and...
  8. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    Are you laughing at my name sir???? LOL... I get that alot so I'vwe heard em all!!!
  9. my05lincls8

    I'm a dumb ass with a dumbass question or two!!!

    Ok gang, as I stated, I'm a dumb ass with most likely a dumb ass question, but I need opinions. I got the infamous yet common P0352 code and I researched the hell out of it to the point where I can probably recite the origin and point of converting to the COP system vs the plug wires of...
  10. my05lincls8

    Hesitation When Shifting

    Happy Holidays Folks! I am experiencing some slight hesitation when my car is shifting gears at around 50 mph. It's giving a slight push back and a small rumble then it continues to accelerate. The tranny is not slipping, just a slight hesitation. Anybody experience this before. No check engine...
  11. my05lincls8

    I Love My Lincoln!!

    Nah, my baby loves me!!!
  12. my05lincls8

    I Love My Lincoln!!

    After close to 5 years of owning this car, I'm still in love with it like the day I bought it!! I've never been an American car purchaser or enthusiast outside of a few Chevy, Olds and Pontiac muscle cars. I must admit, I haven't had a single issue, outside of the DCCV, with my LS and it's a...
  13. my05lincls8

    WTB 2nd Gen Headlight Assembly w/HID

    Looking to purchase a set of OEM HID headlight assemblies for my 2005 LS V8! I want to upgrade from composite. Also the ballasts and OEM HID bulbs aren't necessary, but I'll purchase if you have them. I will make a great offer for them. New is desired, but used is also fine. I'm desperate at...
  14. my05lincls8

    DCCV question

    Ok, I know I'm hella slow, but what the hell are COPS? Please not another friggin potential issue! It looks like after reading all these posts, that my DCCV is bad and needs to be replaced! The dealer told me $1000 because I said I believed it to be the blend door actuator! WTH??
  15. my05lincls8

    Blend Door Actuator

    Forgot to add, it's only hot ass air blowing out of the vents and it's 98 degrees in the Washington DC area!
  16. my05lincls8

    Blend Door Actuator

    Folks, my a/c is not working properly and I took it to the mechanic and he believes its the blend door actuator. The A/C blows hard, the compressor is strong, and it's full of freon. Has anyone had this issue or ever heard of it? I've done some research and I''ve found that this is a common...
  17. my05lincls8

    who mpg's high as mine (not really asking)

    With the 20's and wide tires, I probably get 13-15 mpg! I can literally see the DTE meter move every 1/4 mile instead of every mile. I work 30 miles from home, 60 miles round trip and I fill up every 4 days just about. I am in DC traffic so I'm sure that's the main reason. Premium fill up is $55...
  18. my05lincls8

    Roll Call any Maryland Members

    I live in the Bowie area! I'd love to meet up with some other LS owners!
  19. my05lincls8

    Stock HId Headlamps

    They rarely, and i mean rarely have 2nd Gen HID Headlamps. I look I'll keep on looking..thanks!
  20. my05lincls8

    Headlight Alignment

    How did you attach them to the bulbs? Any photos or instruction? LOL