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  1. Z

    new member with a 2000 V8 LS!

    Good start you have here, love those wheels too nice.
  2. Z

    new member with a 2000 V8 LS!

    No testing here either, thought about Cat delete as well. Good luck with reviving this one, got pics of it from your day 1?
  3. 2002 Lincoln LS V8

    2002 Lincoln LS V8

    Engine Specifications: 3.9 L V8 N/A Engine Misc.: N/A Turbocharger & Induction: NONE N/A Fuel & Tuning: N/A Exhaust: N/A Drivetrain: N/A Weight reduction & transfer: N/A Suspension, wheels & tires: 17" Factory Chrome N/A Interior: Black Leather...
  4. Z

    Another Welcome

    Hey all been lurking around a while, and thought I'd stick around. Great information here for sure. Name's Lawrence and I have '02 Lincoln LS V8, stock all around so far. I think I'll spend a lot of time in the search box and I'll hopefully see you all around!