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    1997 Mark VIII rear window seal / gasket

    You might try Mr. Sunfoof Not sure about window seals but he has everything for sunroofs Worth a try? 417 788 2707
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    Elliot I have a 1997 MARK VIII

    Sorry How do I find the thread about sunroofs Can you send me the link to if that exists thank you
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    Mark viii moonroof

    Any suggestions on fixing a leaking moonroof on a 1997 mark viii lsc
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    Elliot I have a 1997 MARK VIII

    Does anyone have any info of a moonroof leak I have a 1997 LSC
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    2000 LS Sunroof Question

    Hello Do you know what moonroofs are interchangeable with the 1997 Mark VIII LSC thank you
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    Bruce the Ballast guy

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    Comment by 'elliot' in article 'How to make 9005 Bulb adapters 4 Low Beam conversion'

    thank you for the pics and for explaining it