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    Squeak in Steering wheel...

    Squeak I get this sometimes also, but it hasn't happened where the service tech has experienced it. I think sometimes it may be the tires that are causing this. Especially in the winter, when they salt the roads it makes the tires feel different. I'll let you know if it returns, but...
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    Wheels for the LS

    Thanks for the headsup. I am looking at some other wheels anyway. -cW
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    Wheels for the LS

    OZ Wheels How much are you selling them for and do you have pics? Wheels and tires or just wheels?
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    Wheels for the LS

    There seems to be a scare selection of rims for the LS. I would be interested to hear some wheel recommendations for my 2003 LS. Thanks. -cW
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    Who's got aftermarket lighting for there ls

    It would be nice if someone made a aftermarket replacement headlight with the angel eyes built in. I think the 3 series and some Hondas have em. Guess we're not a large enough market yet to get this manufactured by someone.
  6. 2003 Lincoln LS v6

    2003 Lincoln LS v6

    It's the base model, but it's still hotT! Drop me a message, I'm looking for ways to upgrade the look, but it's tricky as I've got all that chrome around my car.
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    Who's got aftermarket lighting for there ls

    DDE Kit Has anyone been able to get the DDE kit installed in 2003 LS headlights (non-HID). I may just buy another set of headlights to swap out with when I bring it for scheduled maintenance.
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    Okay its a club. What about LLSOC

    Just discovered this site today. I've been looking for a decent LS forum that is FREE. I'm glad I found you guys. Will be posting and checking here regularly.
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    My 2003 Lincoln LS V6 Base.

    Nothing Special, just the base model, but I love this car. Everything about the car is where it should be. And the lights under the mirrors are a nice touch. Wished they had put lights on the doors themselves also. I was involved in a minor accident where someone hit my door while I was...
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    2003 Ls

    Steering Squeak Yes, I get steering squeak sometimes on my 2003 v6 LS also. This happens especially during winter months after it snows. The problem is it comes and goes and the times that I have brought it into the dealership it has stopped. What was the diagnoses on your LS? -cW
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    Day Four

    I love my V6 as well I've got the 2003 v6 base model. Didn't need all the extra options, but I know that feeling. Taking a tight turn at 50, it's amazing how this car handles. How do you like the select-shift? I have the standard auto on mine.