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    Lincoln Mark VIII - won't go when put in gear

    If you need a rebuilt trans .. available from ford and thru dealers at about $3500. Installed
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    Front air struts replacement

    Are you planning on converting the air ride system to shocks and struts doing away with air ride system? If so there is a company on NC that makes a complete conversion kit. I did this on my Mark and big difference in ride and drive. Cannot remember the exact name but they have a you tube video...
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    At 109K, the 97 has developed an AC ticking

    I assume you have checked to see that nothing is hitting the pulley?
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    Alternator or battery?

    Not talking about battery power Or volts in battery but the amount of current the alternator is pushing to battery again if alternator is putting 12-14 to battery there is no problem with alternator
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    Alternator or battery?

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    Alternator or battery?

    Wrong! If what you said is true how come my battery is always charged??? And this is on a car that is driven perhaps once a week???
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    Alternator or battery?

    As long as alternator is charging between 12 and 14 it is ok. On my mark viii needing a battery after 7 years. New battery installed. After sitting for 2 or 3 days s battery dead. Took back to dealer they tested and said it was alternator. I asked what was the reading they responded 12.7.they...
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    Hello from Japan,New owner of Mark VIII

    First and third photo shows before and after. Middle photo on progress
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    Hello from Japan,New owner of Mark VIII

    Leather seats repair
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    Hello from Japan,New owner of Mark VIII

    Very nice mark. My 97 has 170,000 miles and going strong . Have owned for 23 years. Currently redoing leather front seats small cracks and creases
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    Comment by 'howardr' in article 'Ultimate Blend Door repair & modification / * UPDATE *'

    Complicated repairs. Best to replace entire blend need to drop entire dash or completely remove glove box. Just drop door down pull away from retaining clips on each side door will drop down exposing wiring and fan motor. Remove center dash information console 4 screws and slowly pull...
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    I like this forum more..

    So you thought the ls ls is faster than a marlviii? I will take that on! My 97 viii stock 170,000 miles will bury the speedometer at 140 and keep climbing. And smoke the tires whenever I want and loud cheep when changing to 2nd. Don’t worry not done on public highway. Abandon private road
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    converting to springs with a kit from Arnott

    Mark viii have shocks on the rear this is an easy conversion. Have aligned after completion. Know what you are doing when installing front. Since it involves un hooking calipers and other steering components.
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    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    How is the grill ? Chrome? Also rear windshield gasket?
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    Suspension Conversion Kit

    Drove down have two brothers on NC. They are coded on Saturday but had security person on site to open up and my parts were ready. I bought the lowering kit which is great. They also have a small museum with some great items . Been two years no problems.
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    1997 Mark VIII rear window seal / gasket

    same problem no replacement gaskets available. I am trying rubber strip available on eBay with approximately same width. These are self stick but am sure would not hold up to wind. Will use black FlexSeal to fill gaps and as additional strength. May not work but no oth option