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  1. rollingsolo

    New Member with an 04 LS V8

    My 04' has a little over 70k miles with similar symptoms. Yes I did say 70k miles. I had trans flushed at Ford dealer and it helped for a bit but now it jerks going into reverse when it warms up.
  2. rollingsolo

    5R55S Solenoid/Bulkhead Connector

    It's my only vehicle for work and I don't have time to have it out of commission for a day or two so for now I will look into possibly seeing what a shop or dealer will run.
  3. rollingsolo

    5R55S Solenoid/Bulkhead Connector

    Mine has 55k original miles and it has those symptoms at times. Not often but when it does I see $$ signs down the road.
  4. rollingsolo

    My 2001 LS light restoration

    Car looks good. Stance is nice and wheels are perfect. I just got my hands on the same mirrors for my 04' but I need them painted. Is your friend willing to paint them for a price?? I also replaced my rear deck speakers with Infinity Kappa and they hit nice with the stock amp.
  5. rollingsolo

    04 LS Bumper to 06 LSE Bumper conversion help needed

    Where did you get the new bumper and fog lights. Price??
  6. rollingsolo

    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    I believe she was from Orange County area. Carfax had everything detailed in same area.
  7. rollingsolo

    Selling 2006 LS Gen II Magna Flow Exhaust System Still in Box

    Is that the lowest price you will take.
  8. rollingsolo

    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    I bought the LS right after it went up. Coincidentally it landed in my hands when I was getting rid of my Focus. Emailed the dealer that morning with questions and sure enough they called me once they opened which was around 9. Drove down there and car was getting brakes done which was the only...
  9. rollingsolo

    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    I bought this LS.
  10. rollingsolo

    McLaren grill $250

    Is the McLaren grill still up for sale?
  11. rollingsolo

    2006 LS V8 10k Miles - For Sale

    Nice buy. I just recently purchased a 2004 with 37,000 miles and one owner.
  12. rollingsolo

    Two LS'S at local junkyard

    There both v8 models. One has the white interior and the other has black. I was able to buy the tow hook cover for the front bumper if anyone needs it. I looked high and low for this rare piece. I no longer have my LS but I know there's a lot of you guys who might need one. Its painted black. I...
  13. rollingsolo

    Sold ! Sold ! Sold

    Lets put it this way. If I had taken the grille off and tried selling the car. I would have gotten less than the amount I got. He was happy and so was I. There's a thread on the C.A.I. Its posted today.
  14. rollingsolo

    Sold ! Sold ! Sold

    The grille was the center piece that stood the car from all others. That was the main reason the buyer enjoyed the car along with the angel eyes. The only thing I kept was the C.A.I. that I built. I am also selling that.
  15. rollingsolo

    Custom C.A.I. for 00-02 LS V8

    I built this intake for my ex-LS. It was built using turbo piping from the FORD F-350. I had it powder coat in satin black with a light texture. The air filter is an Autozone brand. I will include the M.A.F sensor adapter,tubing,clamps,filter. It was only used for about two weeks then had to...
  16. rollingsolo

    Sold ! Sold ! Sold

    I sold the car complete with all the mods I had done. I know that grille was hard to come by but the new owner (young kid) knew what it was and was sold completely on how different the car looked from all others he checked out. I think the angel eyes stood out the most. I will be on here keeping...
  17. rollingsolo

    Sold ! Sold ! Sold

    I just sold my 2002 LS. I enjoyed driving it for the past two years. I would like to thank everyone on here who helped me with replacing parts and for some of the items I bought from you guys. I been looking at 06's but not sure when I will be getting another LS. Hopefully it will be soon.
  18. rollingsolo

    Angel Eye Size?

    I recently installed some on mine but I never thought about measuring them.
  19. rollingsolo

    Finally Installed Angel Eyes!!

    As for selling the grill. Uhh no! Lol....$350 later and painted. I wouldn't sell it. I've enjoyed the different look.