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    Not holding pressure/hard to start

    Gen 1 and Gen 2 pumps are not at all interchangeable so whatever source you're reading, if you are referring to the pump itself, is mistaken and I would discount it from further reference if it can't get that right. Gen 2 uses an entirely different fuel delivery system compared to Gen 1 and its...
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    Not holding pressure/hard to start

    Have you checked the dedicated part whose mission is to do exactly this, the Fuel Pressure Regulator on the Fuel Rail?
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    I have heat - now no message center display

    That's several different circuits which points most likely to an interrupted ground causing bizarre electrical activity.
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    Beginning to move forward with manual seats

    No, I imagine he's telling you to buy them as a joke so you go to put them in and realize you have expensive man sized paper weights.
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    Beginning to move forward with manual seats

    I don't really get why you would de-content a luxury car.
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    Likely Alternator Failure 98 Mark VIII

    I usually go down to the local machine shop and have them bench test new alternators a couple of times before I go through the effort of putting it on. But yes, the Mark VIII makes it wonderfully simple to replace the alternator, nothing needs to move or is in the way.
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    Considering A Mark VIII? (Thinking Out Loud)

    Now there's some GM thinking, let's make you take the rear of the car apart to replace a bulb.
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    Using a battery charger - disconnect the battery or not?

    I've never disconnected the battery when using mine. It would not exactly be a useful product in my mind if you had to disconnect the battery
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    Lowerd Coil Kit?

    Are you shopping under Ford Thunderbird when looking for coils? They're not going to appear if you try to tell a person on the phone or a website selector you're shopping for a Mark VIII because the Mark VIII wasn't built with coils. It merely happens to be able to be fitted with them because it...
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    Considering A Mark VIII? (Thinking Out Loud)

    If you use crappy Dorman parts then yeah, you'll probably get about 30k miles out of your front end. There are good quality parts out there and solutions to the discontinued parts like the Strut Rod Bushing Sleeves but they aren't cheap. They are quality however and they will give you the...
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    Repair procedure---Heater hose---Gen I

    That's irrelevant. I don't believe having to replace the entire cooling system top to bottom because it literally rots away every 6 years flat is reasonable or acceptable. My Mark VIII's pressurized bottle is 23 years old. It has yet to rot away because it wasn't made from inferior product in an...
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    E85 Conversation?

    E85 is pretty easy to find in the Plains region and Minnesota thanks to all the Ethanol plants around here. Don't know why you'd want to use it though, cuts your mileage in half and only costs about 10 cents less per gallon than gasoline.
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    looking for headlights or a good refinisher

    There are really only two things that commonly makes clunking noises in the rear on these cars; 1) Broken sway bar links, which I would think you would have noticed if you had taken it all the way down to replace bushings 2) By far the most common is the shock mounts in your trunk rotting away...
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    Water leak passenger side?

    You would probably have better luck asking other LS owners in their forum.
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    Likely Alternator Failure 98 Mark VIII

    Just make sure you have at least a 12 month warranty on whatever you're buying. New or reman doesn't really matter, aftermarket charging system components have a high rate of failure.
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    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    Hope it turns out good. But those wheels are really ugly.
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    Radio Suggestions - 2003 V8 LS

    The phone will work without using data as well. They don't need to be activated with a plan, the GPS signal is independent of that nowadays and it'll work right off the shelf. You could use wifi at home to download the maps onto the phone and then simply activate the application in the car to...
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    Radio Suggestions - 2003 V8 LS

    Do people still spend all that money on head units with navigation? Seems like a waste of money to me when even a $30 prepaid phone from Walmart has navigation abilities now.
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    Transmission service

    Just because someone is paid money to do something doesn't mean they're good at it or they do it right. Look at Hillary's Campaign Staff.
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    Considering A Mark VIII? (Thinking Out Loud)

    The nature of the Short-Long Arm (SLA) suspension the Mark VIII uses ends up being that it's great when it works but when one part wears prematurely it takes everything with it. It's also the nature of the system that in order to replace any one part pretty much the entire front end has to be...