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    Constant high revving Viii

    The Motorcraft part number for the throttle position sensor wiring is WPT993. The thought I wanted to convey is that this circuit is very sensitive to extra resistance. With those 2 different butt connector repairs in the line I believe that brought up the resistance in the wiring slightly...
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    Constant high revving Viii

    I wanted to write what happened to me. I bought a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC. Beautiful low mileage, no rust. I had to drive it home 7 hours. Well a little bit in the idle just suddenly jacked up to 2300 rpm and made it very hard to deal with. The transmission also hunting. Well i figured it out...
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    '97 LSC Wiper functions.

    Yes it is, and I had an adventure as I found a good wiper switch with button but replacing is a little difficult as the clockspring has to come out of the switch and must be set it in the replacement. The factory service manual is no help. You gotta wrap the ribbon up nice to tightest position...
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    '97 LSC Wiper functions.

    Well an update, my wipers wouldn't stop once started. I bought a Cardone wiper motor off Rock Auto and installed it and by golly it works now! Also I found a button for my switch online. The damn washer buttons fall out of these very rare switches.
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    1997 Mark VIII how to change engine and tranny mounts?

    How do you change the engine mounts and tranny mount on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII? Any shortcuts? It seems hard. I am getting vibration at idle so I feel I should change them.
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    Windshield Washer Switch 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

    I couldn't find racebronco2 in the profiles search. Ideally I would love to replace the whole switch itself as I believe it is also causing a problem with my wipers. If anyone has a good working used stalk I would love to buy it.
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    SCIL problems solved I got info

    Dude you got the SCIL's to pay the bills dawg! Anyways I have no daytime running lights but I can turn the headlights on and off with the switch, and after the car warms up I have no control of the headlights on or off. They stay on and cannot go off without turning off the key. Also the lights...
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    Free 97-98 Mark VIII service manual download

    Anyone got a factory service manual for 1997 Mark VIII?
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    Comment by 'JameyB' in article 'How to make 9005 Bulb adapters 4 Low Beam conversion'

    Wow what a nightmare! Is it possible to get the kit Ford used a long time ago and get housings that fit normal halogen bulbs?
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    Windshield Washer Switch 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

    This I need! This button. I can't find a new part anywhere. Wells Vehicle Electronics sold a new unit sometime in the past but no longer. I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII
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    Looking for SW5232 or does someone have 1997 Mark VIII wiper/turn signal switch?

    Does anyone got a turn signal / wiper switch in good shape for my 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII built 8/ 1996? Mine is damaged, missing button for washer. If anyone has this part please let me know.
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    '97 LSC Wiper functions.

    Does anyone got a turn signal / wiper switch in good shape for my 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII built 8/ 1996?