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    I Hate Raccoons !!!

    Yes they are the same. Genuine Radiator And Mountings-petrol-from (v)m45255 (petrol) ((v)from M45255) For Jaguar S-type 1999 - 2008 Classic | Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts You really should go for an aftermarket one. From what i've seen URO parts is a good brand for jaguar aftermarket. You...
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    Lincoln LS Limited Slip Differential bolt-in...

    Update I've installed the diff. I bought a shim kit and it was very useful. It took me 18 times to get the good backlash. No issue at all about the ratio change from 3.07 to 3.31 (manual gearbox). It was chattering a little bit in slow turn, but after about 500km, there is no chatter at all. I...
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    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Very nice build and good job for your success in competition. I would like to know what's your setup on the front brakes. Are you running stock calipers?
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    Anyone have a Manual Transmission LS parts car?

    You should have a look on some bmw. Just go on google an search "bmw shift rod arm" Go to a junkyard with your broken part to get the same on a bmw. I'm about to install a short shifter on my jag, please tell me how did you proceed to break that part, just to know what not to do.
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    Brake lights

    Brake light sensor is needed for the ecu, it's not just about turning the light on i guess. It would be simplier to fix your harness. If you still want to rewire the brake light, you have to use a relay and it will be a mess with all those wires. You can't just bring 12v and use it with the...
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    Crash Bar

    For the crash bar: If you want the reference for the jaguar XR823073. It worth a try. For the header panel i don't think it will work. You can have a look at what the jaguar one look...
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    Lincoln LS Limited Slip Differential bolt-in...

    I will use the same ring gear which came from the same pumpkin that i'll use. So what do you think about it ? Should i buy a shims kit?
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    Heated seat light

    I guess it is the switch itself or maybe the seat heater control module. Here is the electrical guide for the Jag, it must be the same for the Lincoln
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    Lincoln LS Limited Slip Differential bolt-in...

    Hello, As my name mention it I'm a jag owner in France. First of all, thank you all for going into these experiment and share it to everybody. I bought a used Pumpkin diff to work on without immobilizing the car. I also get a eaton style LSD with bearings. I want to know more about the shims...