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    Difference in rear upper control arms?

    I have two pairs of rear upper control arms sitting on a shelf in my garage. One pair is stamped 4997, and the other is stamped 2995. Are these date codes? Any difference between gen 1 and gen 2 rear UCAs? The pair stamped 4997 weighs about 5 ounces less than the pair stamped 2995 and I'm just...
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    Wanted WTB 96 (only) Mark VIII

    After living with a 98 Mark VIII as my daily driver the last few years, I'm at a point of putting some money into it or looking for another option. I've decided if I can find one, I'd rather have a 96 than a 98. But I'm only interested in a 96, no other years. Looking for a fairly nice car, but...
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    T-Bird vs Mark VIII front UCAs?

    Thought so, but thanks for confirming.
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    T-Bird vs Mark VIII front UCAs?

    Is there any difference between the T-Bird and Mark VIII front upper control arms other than that little knobby thing? That's for the air suspension, right? I've completely removed the air suspension system from my car and wonder if there's any reason not to use the T-Bird parts.
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    CHMSL (third brake light) not working--fuses, bulbs, brake switch seem good

    Update: fixed the trunk neon, third brake light still doesn't work.
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    Mark VIII steering wheel interchange w/Thunderbird and Mustang?

    Looking for black (or maybe it's a very dark gray).
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    For Sale 97 mark viii part out

    Interested in the Konis. Are they T-Bird or Cobra parts? How many miles on them? What kind of shape is the console lid/button in? Same for the cupholder assembly/button?