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    visteon coils

    Thanks for the link.
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    visteon coils

    Sorry to sound redundent but I see a lot of people saying that they have or will order the Visteon coils. Which sounds great, but I have yet to find a post where someone actually lists where to buy the coil. Is it just ebay or is there some real website I can order from. thanks
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    for sale 03-06 LINCOLN LS MISC. PARTS

    Hi T-Money, I sent you some PMs about your parts. Thanks, Eric
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    WTB - Spare Tire Mounting pieces

    Hi, I just bought an 05 ls v8. Much to my surprise all the mounting hardward in the spare tire well is missing. My tire, jack and wrench are just floaring around in there. Do anyone have or know where I can get these mounting pieces so that I can properly tie down all these pieces...