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    about trans swap

    It seems to be from a 2003 Town Car. There are 2 issues here. First is the output shaft and extension housing is 1 inch longer, and your stock driveshaft will be too long. Measure the tailshaft housing to verify. 2003 MIGHT not have the teeth to run the VSS.
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    Dreaded Gear Display Error

    I am in the same boat as you, new MLPS, two different ECMs, and it shows in park when I start it up, then as soon as I shift it it sometimes stops in park then goes out, or the light goes out and the error displays. I had to fix it to pass the emissions test, I took apart the harness and...
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    M112 on a Mark VIII

    "B" heads are what the Mark VIII (and early Cobra) has, with the 2 intake ports per cylinder. "C" is single intake port per cylinder that the later Cobra, Aviator, Marauder got.
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    Door Handle Snapped

    It is easy to install them, you have to be careful to not gouge the door with all the sharp parts of the cup. I have pulled a number of them from cars in the you pull it place. I went with chrome for now but since I have cans of touch up paint for my slightly easier than tri coat color of...
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    I smell gas

    Oddly enough mine seems to do it when I have a passenger (and a specific passenger at that) with me, and drive more than 80 miles. It happens once every 50 times I drive it more than a few miles, most often on longer drives (timewise, can be 50 minutes of across town traffic or 50 minutes on the...
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    I smell gas

    I have been chasing a similar issue with my 97. It happens mainly on longer drives (80+ miles), but doesn't seem to correspond with gas level (happens full, empty, or anything in between), I don't smell it outside the car at the tank, filler, trunk, evap port under hood, passenger wheel well...
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    "only" 6k for this gem...
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    97' mark viii trans dip stick

    Looks like 21 inches from tip to where it stops at the top of the dip stick tube. This is what the other end looks like (if you are trying to find another source...) (so 19.25->20 inches is full hot, 20 inches->20.75 is full cold) For reference as they are different, this is a 97 Cougar...
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    ignition coil

    Did you remove the cover from the middle of the cam (valve) cover? There is no actual bolt that holds down the COP, it is held in place by the cover. Sounds like your doing something with the injector maybe? First remove the AIR intake (zip) tube from the air filter and the throttle body (the...
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    My no start solution

    That is crazy, I am not familiar with were the ring for PATS is on the Mark VIIIs, but I have played around with the one on my Grand Marquis. I didn't think there was a physical requirement for it to start looking for the key except turning it.
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    I probably could have done better in bedding them in. They came pre heat cycled and scorched (the box within another box still smelled like a panic stop), and for the first 10,000 miles seemed okay. I also could take it easier on my brakes, I am harder on them on the street than most are on a...
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    Seems clean, I could take the insurance money for the door and buy it and still have 1000 bucks for a door.
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    Video Trivia: What's that problem!

    Glad it was something you could find and correct. I have been trying out different sites to see which one is the most responsive. I went with this one at first and was most active here, but I am also out of sync with most, as I am more able to work on my cars in the winter, and less so in the...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Very inconsistent braking, and could start seeing some hot spots in the front rotors, so I decided to replace the front pads. Some bad spots in the pads, I thought that slotted rotors would help stop this from happening: But I also decided that it has been 5000 miles, so go ahead and rotate...
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    not feeling the side pipes, with the suspension down I couldn't tell what they were.
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    Not sure how it works there, but without an abandoned declaration that could get ugly if the owner of the car finds it in your possession. But free is good.
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    hmm, no mention of it being a...whatever a car is with no top (not a convertible, as I don't think it has a working top). Looks like it has had a rough life with no top.
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    Matching separator plate

    98->2000 should be good. 2001 they got rid of the 2-3 accumulator piston "pac man" stiffening plate, and a different OD setup. Earlier ones 96-97 should be okay for the plate only. 92-95 have different sized dowels, I don't know if there are spacers for that, or if you would need to drill them...
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    P0705/P0708 TRS errors, not TRS?

    It doesn't set the CEL, but now I have a p0712 (which I can only get from my XCal-II, cheap bluetooth and wired elmscan don't read it), which I have had for most of the time owning the vehicle, even after replacing the TFT and cleaning up the harness and connectors. I know it isn't overheating...
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    p0133 o2 sensor

    If the wiring to the bank 1 (passenger side) front o2 sensor was damaged or it was not plugged back in, or the exhaust was removed and there is a leak, then yes, it can be related to swapping the transmission.