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    For Sale I have 2. 2000 Lincoln Ls 3.9 v8's for sale ! both very nice engines need work

    I have 2 ls's. 2000yr 3.9 v8. both have leather,sunroofs,heated seats,white car has custom paint job. 17"Rims needs timing- silver car i dont know whats wrong will not crank,only turns over ? I have pictures for both cars
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    Having Problems with my LS 2000 V8 Anyone know whats up?

    I can see down into my car from the sunroof..its not lifting it opens & closes but it doesnt lift to seal it shut or to pop open
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    Having Problems with my LS 2000 V8 Anyone know whats up?

    My name is Alyssa I've had this car a couple months... I think my sunroof is off track it opens/closes but won't pop up, and in the back (torward trunk) the glass is under the instead of on top. Traction control button stays on? What does this do is this bad? Coolant outlet tube has a crack...
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    Can someone help me out please???

    I have a LS 2000 V8 Sunroof came off track I think? Is there anywhere that shows how to fix it? .. The traction button stays orange (what do i do to fix this? ), now I have a leak..the coolant outlet tube, ..not to mention the clock spring is bad bc controls don't work... Has anyone else had...