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  1. 55CrownVic

    Alternator or battery?

    Can you post a picture of your meter and where you purchased it? I have never seen one that reads that small. Thanks in advance.
  2. 55CrownVic

    New problem

    My solenoid was doing the same thing. No sound when applying voltage. Plunger was hanging up. Kept spraying carb cleaner into it and it started working again. Must have had some grit in it. Re-installed and it works fine now.
  3. 55CrownVic

    Replacement windshield Gen 1.

    Thanks for your responsesJoe and 04 Sport. The screenshot you posted looks exactly like what is on my new windshield- one reason I think it is an add on. Joe, you may be right about no OEM glass available. Plikington doesn't even show a USA presence on their website. Guess I will live with the...
  4. 55CrownVic

    Replacement windshield Gen 1.

    Had my windshield replaced a few days ago. Gen 1 with rain sensing wipers. Was supposed to OEM windshield but when I got car back it was an aftermarket. The rain sensor looks like an add on and sits well below the mirror. If someone could post a picture of the original showing the area from...
  5. 55CrownVic

    ac fuse blows after a few minutes.

    Thanks for the prompt response Joe. Very glad you didn't abandon this forum when you got rid of your LSes. I will check the dccv. At my age (82) I dread the thought of changing it again. Of course, changing the ac compressor isn't much fun either. Ben
  6. 55CrownVic

    ac fuse blows after a few minutes.

    F1 AC clutch fuse flows after running ac for a few minutes. Does fuse protect anything besides ac clutch? Where could I find a schematic for this circuit? 2001 3.9 L V8. Thanks in advance. Ben
  7. 55CrownVic

    Battery charge life.

    That was my thought but I wasn't sure if that would cause the car to wake up again when the switch was opened which would blow the fuse in meter again. Only have the installed fuse left and didn't want to chance blowing it. Thanks again and I am very glad you didn't leave this site when you got...
  8. 55CrownVic

    Battery charge life.

    Thanks for quick reply. Is there any way to keep car from waking up when putting meter into circuit? My meter doesn't like ma settings when first connecting it because the draw is too high until car sleeps. If I use a higher setting, it won't show the lower ma draw when it does sleep. I am...
  9. 55CrownVic

    Battery charge life.

    Approximately how long should an 01 3.9 L battery keep enough charge to start car after sitting. Fully charged battery will only last about 9 days until down to about 11.5 to 12.0 volts. Haven't been able to find any major drain problems. Approx. what should the amp drain be when car is asleep?
  10. 55CrownVic

    r&r oil pan

    Easy to remove. Pay attention to torque sequence to avoid pan leaks
  11. 55CrownVic

    LS stuff in Gulfport MS

    Wow, neat garage Joe. Don't have to back out, just push a button and rotate the car. Please don't leave this site even if you don't have a LS. You have too much knowledge to disappear.
  12. 55CrownVic

    Gen1 3.9 O2 sensors

    Are all four oxygen sensors the same part #? Some list them with the same part number for upstream and downstream and some manufacturers list them as different numbers. Is the Bosch 15717 a good choice and will they work in all locations? Thanks, Ben
  13. 55CrownVic

    2001 clock

    Mine is flaky. It used to gain about 15 minutes a week. After setting the time multiple times in one day, it now gains about 2 minutes a week. Close enough. Joe is right about time slowing down with speed. One of the Apollo astronauts is a friend of mine and I'm sure he looked younger after...
  14. 55CrownVic

    2001 clock

    Disconnecting battery has no effect. Clock has been like this for several years. Getting everything working now and want to fix clock if possible. Will use my Son's Forscan tomorrow and see if it has anything for clock. May just be bad crystal or timing circuit.
  15. 55CrownVic

    2001 clock

    Kind of a nit-picky problem but the clock on my 01 V8 gains time. If the car was as fast as the clock it would be a world beater. Anyone have any ideas on adj the time? Base radio with cd player in glove box. Ben
  16. 55CrownVic

    Door Lock Actuator Motor Replacement Tutorial

    Excellent tutorial. Pictures and text both very clear. Thank You. Ben
  17. 55CrownVic

    Transmission Flushed now Check Transmission Light on with the letter E?

    Your converter is working properly. The momentary rpm increase is due to the converter unlocking and since you are not accelerating, locking back up. So at least you know your converter locks and unlocks.
  18. 55CrownVic

    Transmission Flushed now Check Transmission Light on with the letter E?

    Simple way to check for torque converter lock up is to drive at a steady 50 MPH -without using cruise control. While holding steady on gas petal, tap brake with left foot, tach should pick up several hundred rpm for a few seconds. That would be lock up solenoid unlocking converter. If no change...
  19. 55CrownVic

    My 2001 LS light restoration

    Did you replace the windshield yourself or have it done? My 01 needs a windshield and I found a perfect one with the rain sensor but a little nervous about installing it myself. Did all the glass in the 55 Crown in my aviator but that has gaskets. Great paint job, by the way.