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  1. jake_black94

    front brake job - caliper anchor plate (Cradle) bolts/pins lubrication

    I've found that the Marks are particularly picky about the type of brake lubricant you use - anti-seize isn't technically even a lube. I'd use Sil-Glyde (which you can find at NAPA or Advance, typically) or the Permatex "Ceramic Extreme" lubricant.
  2. jake_black94

    WTB: Non-Crusty EVAP Tray (Gen2 Mark VIII)

    Hey LVC. Although my '94 is gone, I'm still the main caretaker of my father's 1997 Mark VIII LSC. The other night, I came home, and noticed the infamous EVAP tray's front edge dangling precariously... so, it looks like the Michigan salt assault has finally taken its toll. So. I'm hoping...
  3. jake_black94

    For Sale 97 Mark VIII LSC Parts

    Welp, that's where I'm at too unfortunately. I figured as much, considering your location. Thanks for looking though!
  4. jake_black94

    For Sale 97 Mark VIII LSC Parts

    Hey jruppert - How's the EVAP tray looking? If it's not crumbling I'd be interested for the '97 LSC. Thanks. -Jake
  5. jake_black94

    Quick fuel filter question.

    Thanks, guys. Tool-free it was.
  6. jake_black94

    Quick fuel filter question.

    Hey all, I'm helping my dad work on his '97 LSC. Normally I'd do a search, but since we're in a hurry, I figured I'd just post - please don't crucify me. We're attempting to replace his fuel filter. What's been done: -Already unplugged the fuel pump, and ran the lines dry. -Fender liner...
  7. jake_black94

    For Sale cobra intake..gen 2 light housings..gen 1 light housings..air bags frt and rear...

    I'd also be interested in the front bags, if Great 8 passes on them. Also, how's the chrome on the Gen1 light housings?
  8. jake_black94

    I have more parts to get rid of..........

    Front bags still available? Guessing not due to thread age, but figured I'd ask anyway
  9. jake_black94

    For Sale 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII - selling as parts car/parting out/needs TLC

    There are the pics, just was able to get some quick snaps in the driveway today.
  10. jake_black94

    For Sale 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII - selling as parts car/parting out/needs TLC

    I'm listing my '94 Mark VIII as a parts car - I've encountered several issues with it that render it impossible for use as a daily driver. It's a black on black base model - most panels are in fair to good condition. Headlight assemblies are base model, but the inside chrome is still good. Rear...
  11. jake_black94

    Stainless Steel Rear Shock Mounts and Poly Bushings

    I'd be in for a set, too, if there are any remaining.
  12. jake_black94

    Help please. (Fuel or exhaust problem?)

    Ran the codes - looks like O2s are the culprit indeed. Thanks for the advice, guys. Any memorable/decent replacement writeups? I've heard they're a pain on these cars.
  13. jake_black94

    For Sale Complete air-suspension setup 1997 Mark VIII

    What would you want for just the front bags? Possibly interested in them as an upgrade over my 1st-gen setup. Also, how many miles on the car these came off of?
  14. jake_black94

    Help please. (Fuel or exhaust problem?)

    Alright, I wasn't aware it stored them... thought that was an OBD-II feature only. Thanks.
  15. jake_black94

    Help please. (Fuel or exhaust problem?)

    Chris, that does help it. That's why I'm thinking fuel pump. I'm trying to avoid blindly throwing parts at it - I have at least been doing research regarding the symptoms I'm getting. I've not been able to check codes, though, as the CEL turns off when I bring the car to a stop each time. OBD1...
  16. jake_black94

    Help please. (Fuel or exhaust problem?)

    Been searching the forums for the past couple days, can't really come up with anything that I haven't tried - was wondering if one of you experts could point me in the right direction. I've been fighting a hard-starting condition on my '94 for a couple months now. First start of the day...
  17. jake_black94

    Can I Drive with Rear Air Bags Down

    Destroyed my shocks when I lost the right-rear bag, so you might want to keep that in mind when you replace the bags.
  18. jake_black94

    Time to get busy..

    In both 4.6 motors that I've had experience with - the SOHC in my old Mustang, and our lovely DOHC - copper plugs have just felt good. The "butt dyno" approves, if you will. I personally prefer the NGK TR55, I've had great luck with them in my Mark thus far. -Jake
  19. jake_black94

    Hesitation/stutter problem

    I'm probably going to need to do the pump in my '94 soon... and as bad as this may sound, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this sort of experience every time I go to fix something...