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  1. johnnyjoe21

    Overhead console

    Thank you, I always forget search. Must getting old!
  2. johnnyjoe21

    Overhead console

    Need to make a repair to the overhead console. Best way to remove it? Thanks
  3. johnnyjoe21

    Always wanted a Lincoln

    Hello, as the title suggests, I finally bought a Lincoln, 2004 TC Utimate. Love it, very clean with a great ride. That was in 2020. 2021 I bought a 1998 Mark Viii, 2022 bought a 2014 MKS, and 1986 Mark Vii LSC. I believe I've fulfilled my dream! I'm originally from Seattle, but moved to Baja...
  4. johnnyjoe21

    Fuel Door

    Did not know about lower console. First Mark vii.
  5. johnnyjoe21

    Fuel Door

    Found it, who new
  6. johnnyjoe21

    Fuel Door

    Both parts?
  7. johnnyjoe21

    Fuel Door

    Just bought an 86 Mark vii. There is no fuel door release button in console, or anywhere else. Did some Mark vii's not have this option? Sucks opening trunk to release fuel door.
  8. johnnyjoe21

    Front air leak down

    What part is most likely to leak, in front air system.
  9. johnnyjoe21

    Axle back exhaust

    I need an opinion, or several. What is the best sounding axle back exhaust? Does anyone make them?
  10. johnnyjoe21


    How many mark viii came with lincoln phone? Can wiring be used to install newer tech?