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    For Sale 1989 Lincoln Town Car Sedan Red RWD Automatic

    Nice, congratulations on the sale! Looks like it will be missed!
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    lowering springs?

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    Cobrastar fender emblem

    ebay seller onebadmk8 He had some listed around Christmas.
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    For Sale Lots of OEM, NOS parts

    hid light bulbs?
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    Bought it.

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    MUSTANGS & FORDS AT THE QUEEN MARY in Long Beach, CA - Sept. 22nd, 2013

    Looks like an excellent show to attend!
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    Kitty Cat..

    I'm glad your cat is okay! I think I've spent more on vet bills than any car I've owned. Money well spent.
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    Official 2012 Beach Party Picture Thread

    looks like a great time!
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    Cool 80's limo in the background. I go by an old timer's home daily and they have a white one.
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    Sounds like a nice ride, congratulations!!! Post up some pics!
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    Worst/Best car owned.

    Worst: 1983 Chevrolet Celebrity. This thing ate water pumps and radiators. The heater grid plate on the carb was replaced a couple of times. The guy I got this car from only had it dealer serviced. Literally every other bolt on the car was stripped. Best was my '86 Lincoln Town Car Signature...
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    Girlfriend + My LS + Garage Door

    This made me laugh! Is your insurance getting you a new garage door too? Glad no one was hurt!
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    Plan to buy a 1998 TC Exec. gets alot more TC posts. The rear air springs last about 8 years. If it has the original plastic intake manifold, that will fail eventually. I've replaced my fuel pump after 10 years.
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    Does a 98 TC have ALUMINUM DRIVESHAFT?

    might want to check with the guys on
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    Where to find a used Town Car in Houston?

    texas auto direct sells on ebay and is located in houston.
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    anyone know the answer?

    You could buy loose stones and then pick out the setting together.
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    2006 Designer Series Town Car

    Nice find!!! I'm very jealous!
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    Another Ohio Photo Shoot!

    Nice ride! Too bad those other guys missed your event! lol.
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    Little local car show. Many pics.

    +1 on the Studebaker. I love the white walls!
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    first decent day of 2011!!!!

    Spring is here! Nice work!!!