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  1. mrplease

    aviator help!

    whenever i turn on my headlights the brights automaticlly come on as well. it just started happening out of the blue! i know how to turn them on/off, but i just the switch isn't working or something. anyone ever have this problem and if so how did you fix it?
  2. mrplease

    2003 vs 2004 CTS

    the 3.2 was also used in the 2004 base model CTS, which people seem to forget. so it was used two years... 2003-2004 i had a 2003 with the 3.2L engine before i totaled it. it was a GREAT car and i loved it. now i have 2005 2.8L that i love equally as much. see i have 22's so i don't need the...
  3. mrplease

    Who Did You Vote For?

    i too have never participated in a campaign or donated money to a canidate until now. as of now i am the vice president of my precinct and am hoping to be elected a delegate tomorrow... this is the first time for my wife as well. i think she might be even more passionate for the cause than...
  4. mrplease

    Who Did You Vote For?

    Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mrplease

    Please Help!! Aviator Won't Start!!

    HEY! its the wifes car! i've got the CTS & the towncar!
  6. mrplease

    Please Help!! Aviator Won't Start!!

    NEVERMIND!!! the wife just let it run outta gas! put the gas in, started right up & everythings ok on the system check!
  7. mrplease

    Please Help!! Aviator Won't Start!!

    i went outside and started the aviator to warm it up. it started up just fine. while it was warming up i was straitening up the garage for about 3-4 minutes when it just died! when i got inside it said low oil pressure. the i tried to start it and it wouldn't start! i just went and got an oil...
  8. mrplease

    Aviator HID Question!!

    what color are the stock OEM hid bulbs on an aviator?
  9. mrplease

    aviator offset question?!?

    honestly, i can't feel much of a difference. and i do pay a lot of attention...
  10. mrplease

    aviator offset question?!?

    well i went a head and pulled the trigger. i went with a 22x9.5 rim with a +15 offset (F5-50) and a 265-35-22 tire (nittos)
  11. 2005 lincoln aviator on 22s

    2005 lincoln aviator on 22s

    • 22" F5 F5-50 rims • 265/35/22 nitto tires
  12. mrplease

    aviator offset question?!?

    cool thanks! i was wondering if any one was even on this lincoln vs. cadillac forum.
  13. mrplease

    aviator offset question?!?

    jeez everyone... not all at once! this place is dead!!!
  14. mrplease

    aviator offset question?!?

    i am putting 22x9.5 rims on my 2wd aviator! what is the correct offset i need for the wheels to sit flush? i dont want them sticking out any or tucked under any. PLEASE HELP!!!
  15. mrplease

    Aviator issues

    what do you ask your dealer to do? replace the coils? is it a recall type of thing?
  16. mrplease

    Someone Stole My front grille Lincoln Emblem...

    i bought one for my aviator from the dealer and it was only $11 bucks
  17. mrplease

    where to get custom aviator floormats?

    where can i get custom made lincoln aviator floormats? with just an embroidered lincoln emblem on it? similar to the one i have for my cadillac, but only lincoln...
  18. mrplease

    considering buying an aviator: question!!!

    i am considering buying a 2005 aviator. a couple of questions first... is the gas mileage as bad lincoln says? 12 city/17 hwy? also, are there any concernes i should have buying an aviator? whats are the pros and cons about the aviator? thanks, any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!
  19. mrplease

    This Forum Is Dead!!!

    is there anybody on here?!?! is where its at
  20. mrplease

    rims for 04 cts?

    you can put 22's no prob!