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    2001 LS 8 value?

    Be aware that there is a very limited market for the LS. They have a terrible reputation and it takes the right buyer to pay anything over trade in value for one. An 01 V8 to the right buyer private party maybe $4,000.00 on a great day but be prepared for offers in the $2,500.00 range. If you...
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    What wheel is this?

    Yes the LS has the same center bore as the Jaguars. Center caps fit near perfect with just a slight lip and not 100% flush with bore face. The shade of silver is identical as well and matches perfectly as you can see. Not sure where this car ended up but buyer beware. It was sent to auction...
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    What wheel is this?

    18"x 8" Jaguar XJ8 2004-2007 model year aluminum dynamic wheel. The car you are looking at was mine. I fit those wheels to the car in May of last year. I sent this car to auction late December. Id be curious to know where you found it?
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    what year did Lincoln work the bugs out ? If ever

    From a strictly mechanical standpoint model year 05 and 06 are the most reliable the LS production had to offer. Still in no way a brakes and fluid change only car. You want a luxury car that only needs general/preventative maintenance get yourself a Lexus. I personally spent too much time...
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    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS 12,600 original miles. $17,000

    Wanted to get back what I purchased the car for but the time has come to just get rid of it. Every attempt to store it for winter has failed because of another car or machine needing the garage space. $9,000 or best cash offer. The car is just plain in the way now that its started snowing for...
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    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    California since the 90s has had very strict emissions standards. Smog is terrible and air quality in southern California is horrible around any densely populated area on a hot day above 80 degrees. The majority of vehicles that meet California emissions standards and differ from the engineered...
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    Lifted 2000 LS

    How did you lift it suspension wise? or are you just referring to the extra height you gained from the larger tires? From the photo it doesnt even look lifted. Just looks like you stuffed a 31-32" tire in the wheel wells and now cant even drive the car lol.
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    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS 12,600 original miles. $17,000

    2006 Lincoln LS 14,231 original miles Car is still for sale and will be until end of this week 11-18-17. If not sold by then I have made room to wedge the LS in the back of my garage behind some machines that will not move until spring time. $11,000 is the price I would like and the car is more...
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    Jaguar a-arm

    For anyone else wondering the Gen II Lincoln LS 2003-2006 has the First generation Jaguar S-Type 2000-2002 front suspension/brakes minus coils and buckets. knuckle, ball joints, control arms, shocks, bearings, calipers, rotors, and pads are Jaguar parts not Ford. The rear suspension is second...
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    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS 12,600 original miles. $17,000

    2006 Lincoln LS 14,000 original miles Just a bump. Car is still for sale. $11,000 USD takes it. Has 14,113mi to date. Car is located in Rhode Island at my summer beach house. I will be in Buffalo NY until a TBD date. Can possibly get to RI on weekends to show/sell car. Will be for sale until...
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    Is it bad to leave the trans in 3rd in stop and go traffic?

    As joegr said it would be better to let it shift instead of taking off in 3rd gear. I myself would use 2nd gear to start and just ride 2nd gear to 30mph if needed. I highly doubt it would harm anything as long as you are not half throttle or better from a stop when taking off in 3rd. I use the...
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    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS 12,600 original miles. $17,000

    Just bought two more cars and this LS is pretty much in the way now. $11,000.00 USD takes it. 13,540 miles to date and will rise as I take it out every other day for at least a 10 mile trip. This price is my absolute lowest price and I will use the car as a daily driver if no interest. Local...
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    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS 12,600 original miles. $17,000

    Dont have garage space for this car anymore. Final price is $14,000.00 USD. The car has 13,347mi on it to date and needs nothing. Great car, I enjoyed the time ive had it so far but rather sell than let it sit outside and drive during winter. $14,000.00 is what I have into the car final purchase...
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    XKR Motor Swap Thread

    Ill have to look into the AJ37 intake casting. I know pretty much all years of the 4.3 and 4.7 AJ37 engines in the V8 Vantage were unique and not much in common with the AJv8s in the Jaguars/LS. The shop I used to work out of tries to buy all the British automobile insurance wrecks from the...
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    XKR Motor Swap Thread

    Thank you cammerfe. That answered my question. I also ran across your Land Speed LS thread as well. Fortunate for you but not for me. The reason I looked past even bothering with an engine swap (forced induction AJ33) was because over here in the NE if it came with any sort of factory...
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    XKR Motor Swap Thread

    Am interested in the scope of your project? Are you looking for a forced induction non VVT 4.2L to simply run in the shell of the LS without any other LS factory supporting electronic systems involved? Do you plan to run aftermaket gauges and do away with EGR and EVAP systems? I only ask...
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    XKR Motor Swap Thread

    The 4.0L and 4.2L with the supercharger on top is indeed right around 2 inches past the hood line of the LS. The NA and forced induction versions of the 4.0L and 4.2L while using the same style mount as the LS sit much lower in the engine bay of the Jaguars. Also the Jaguars STR, XJR, and XKR...
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    XKR Motor Swap Thread

    It sounds great and all until you actually get your hands on a Jaguar and realize as much as they were built together they are completely different animals electrically. Definitely more Jaguar in the LS than Lincoln but not enough to make a Jaguar engine swap feasible. Best bet is to copy the...
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    Worth it?

    Those photos in the ad are from google images. This car has been up for sale for months now. I personally wouldn't bother. Bet its just another craigslist junk.
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    1 Year later still going strong

    The real reliability issue if you want to look at parts failures is due to the LS actually being engineered with Jaguars and not Lincolns/the classis and proven Ford drivetrains and electrical parts. Aside from the transmission which Ford has its own reputation for poor transmission life the...